A combination!



There is a man, somewhere, may be I know where, at my side of the globe.

who at this time, might be thinking about me, as I am writing.

The fragrance of jasmine, reminds me of him.

We are miles apart, pulled away in our circumstantial helplessness,

yet, our hearts forbid to detangle.

I am angry, I am hurt, I am disappointed, I am sad,

yet, my soul just seek his well-being,

and I know, he seeks just my happiness.

I am a pessimist and he is hopelessly an optimist

A weird combination, just like the two poles.

And just like they say, opposite attracts. We do too.

He is words, I’m emotions,

the two elements that make the best poetry.

And we are here, trying to make one, as best as we can.

He is the only one who knows how I like my coffee,

I’m the one who knows how he takes his tea.

Tea and coffee, trying to understand each other’s flavour.

Dawn and dusk; sunshine and moonlight; white and black,

Trying to bring the best in each other.

A combination of optimism and pessimism we are,

hopelessly in love with each other.



Photo by Will O on Unsplash