Re-creation !



Sometimes words

fail to convey,

what heart intends to say,

piercing right through it,

making it bleed.

if any power,

i wish,

to gain,

to use wise words,

spoken to heal not hurt.

to comfort the wounded soul,

rather, to pain all the more

I regret to have spoken,

that I shouldn’t,

words can’t be undone,

but words can be recreated

so here I am

recreating them,

to seek forgiveness,

for all was said, hurtful

cause i tend, intend, and more

just to love, heal and comfort

and nothing, otherwise.



Photo by Caleb Woods on Unsplash




Engraved !



Last night

you whispered in my ears

a combination of few letters,

words that made my spirit steer.

Sleep deprived that they are;

my eyes,

slept like a child,

after a time, which can’t be quantified.

The first light of the day struck,

my eyes opened,

only then it was,

I realised,

the power of a dream,

or it is your impact,

can tell who

cause in my sleep too,

as in the reality

your presence never fade,

engraved deep in my heart,

is your name,

is your love.




Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash