Pure magic!


There is magic in his eyesSparkling, twinkling, unraveling all that’s unknownNever quiet, even when words failJust enough, to soothe my wounded heart..jpg

There is magic in his eyes

Sparkling, twinkling, unravelling all that’s unknown

Never quiet, even when words fail

Just enough, to soothe my wounded heart.


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Beyond distance !



Don’t fret,

for delusional is the distance

Real is the love,

that we share,

it will endure the pain,

and cross the miles,

with a blink of an eye,

in a single heartbeat.


you let go off my hand,

to grasp me in your heart,


No matter the time,

no matter the spaces,

held in the warm embrace of others heart,

we are tied with an inseparable thread,

until the hour of blissful unison.




Photo by Rakicevic Nenad on Unsplash