Our story


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Our story

From always being on the same page, yet books apart,

to reading pages from the same book, silently, together….


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Paralysed !


Certain days and certain nights,

more gruelling for the heart,

than others.

this unnerving void,

the excruciating pain,

just like, a knife twisted in the gut

the depth of which,

becoming inconceivable, to decipher.

Words failing, to fill the emptiness,

The feeling of numbness,

taking over the sensations in the body.

Paralysed in the midst of an abyss,

the soul drowning,

in the darkness of a closed box,

containing the broken pieces of,

all the hopes and dreams,

which once were pretext of,

a lively existence,

that, now are reduced to,

mere memories, that ain’t

soothes the pain no more,

rather dives the self into,

the land of nothingness.



Photo by Roksolana Zasiadko on Unsplash