A pair of eyes !


A pair of eyes

Just fallen in love,

that can see anything,

but him,

A mirror to her heart

they are,

for they twinkle,

with his thoughts.

Fearful, they aren’t,

secured, for they contain,

dreams of future,

that begins and end,

at him; her home.

Contend, despite away,

from his eyes,

for they have captured,

him, with minutest details,

keeping him closest to her heart,

where they live together,

in eternal bliss !




Photo by Taylor Harding on Unsplash





I want you to look at me, and say what you’d been holding back, in that single look.

I want you to sit and tell me, about everything that has been bothering you since long.

I want you to share, where your heart hurts and about the sadness you’ve been keeping inside.

I want you to touch me, and feel the happiness that I feel, just like floating on the ninth cloud.

I want you to tell me, how that day in your life passed when you felt that you wouldn’t  get through.

I want you to express to me, about your take on emotions, and the way you deal with them.

I want you to tell me, what life means to you.

I want you tell me, what excites you the most, and what brings upon a frown on your face.

I want you to share with me, your…

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