Unanswered !


Hazy it became,

the line between,

not trying enough and giving up,

One was a choice,

other was a helpless obligation,

often confused with other.

The only question needed to be asked,

was ’till what hour’,

though never asked,

so remained unanswered,

till such a time,

where all the questions,

right or wrong;

all the answers

correct or incorrect;

weren’t good enough,

cause now,

they just lost their relevance.




Photo by Kate Williams on Unsplash


Time and spaces!



You opened the doors for me, leading to your heart

Welcoming me, embracing me in your warmth.

You said to me, I was delicate and soft,

Yet, it was you who made me aware of my strength within.

You said to me, I was gentle and empathetic,

Yet, it was you who told me they aren’t my weaknesses,

You saw me completely, inside out, even the things I wasn’t proud of

Yet, you loved me, held me anyway, anyhow, and even more than ever.

Your hand touched my hand,

Your lips touched my forehead

Your eyes touched the pain enrooted in my heart.

Your heart touched my soul.

And that’s how in those times and spaces,

my universe was created.


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