Silent Screams !



Silent screams,

echoed loudly,

hitting every piece of the heart,

fracturing every piece of the soul left,

subject to oblivion that they were,

for they were too dark to be acknowledged,

The brave heart found its way, alas!

submitting to the silence,

while screaming from within.

for finally it learnt,

to scream, it needs a place,

safe enough;

and that safe place was,

within itself

waiting to be found !




Photo by Davide Pietralunga on Unsplash



That brief second.



Wrapped in his arms, feeling his warmth,

She closed her eyes, to seize the moment,

For she didn’t know, what the next second held.

He looked into her bewildered eyes, filled with questions,

Only to make her realise the intensity of his feelings.

And in that brief second, she found all her answers,

In that brief second, she regained her lost strength.

In that brief second, she became as secured as she could ever be.

Yes, in that brief second she became herself again, the one he fell in love with.


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