Genesis !



Inherent it is,

in the nature,

of love; to create.

To create a connection,

building it over the years

with patience and adoration.

To commit the whole life

to that one person,

to feel free than bonded

risking not freedom,

but taking that leap of faith

to the permanence of love.

Surrendering to the vows of participation

rather possession,

Spending the lifetime with the one

learning a new thing about them,

every single day,

As magical it is,

creating and co-creating together,

to become a new creation in one.




Photo by Heather Mount on Unsplash





I Tend to be,

for I intend to stay,

as long as it takes for this darkness to get away,

and for brightness to finally make its way,

to touch us, healing our souls, just on that perfect day.

The day, when finally all this will end,

making us one, together to ascend,

Forever, eternally.


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