Walking !


Together or apart

I live in you,

as much

I find you in me

I know not much,


my destination is you

I will walk,

towards you

No matter the roadblocks,


no matter the time

I will reach my home,

that I’ve find in you.

and, once I do,

I’d just walk

hand in hand with you,

no matter where,

we go,

as long as we walk together.



Photo by Jonas Weckschmied on Unsplash


A puzzle



Curious I am to comprehend,

If the person I am who woke up this morning the same,

Or the night did something to me to change.

I feel a little different, certainly something unusual.

The change; for better, for worse is a mystery unresolved.

Perhaps, to be left on time to be unravelled

But, if the night did do something,

Then the puzzle remains to be fathomed,

Of Who I really am?


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