Irony !



Blank and empty,

One, an emotion;

Other, a state of mind;

complimenting each other,

intricately enough,

making a poetry,

filled with melancholy,

making the heart,

ironically enough,

seek comfort

in the void,

which once needed,

a touch of affection,

and a tint of love,

for letting the heart

feel tranquillity.




Photo by Pete Bellis on Unsplash


Disguised reality.



It is never done away with,

The more is tried, the more is arranged to be handled with.

The mind is exhausted, the soul is drained

And the verdict is ordained,

But what is still unknown, is yet to be seen

The road which seems to be taken, is in reality the one not taken.

The face which seems to be real, perhaps is unreal, unseen.

The idea of knowing it all is completely mistaken,

cause there is still a lot to take in.

The conviction is unyielding,

The will is unbending,

The fortitude is obdurating,

And the heart owns a spirit, unending.

The time is getting ripe for decisive actions,

Pledging for positive attractions.

Despite the odds acting out,

The disguise will come out

shining brightly, flying high,

for the world to remember this fable.


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