Yet (In Senryu)

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Poetry from the Inkwell

you kiss me with words;
wrap love-dripping characters
around me, gently

you leave them for me –
comforting crumbs from your heart –
leading me to you

but we are apart
and can’t be together, YET –
a deafening word

silencing the heart;
siphoning air from my lungs;
suffocating sleep

yet, a loaded word
so full of promises, hope
and optimism

bridging the longing
between now and tomorrow
when yet becomes now

© Poetry from the Inkwell 2018

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Shadow !


The Shadow;

certainly leaving you,

never almost,

beginning the journey,

with you,

lingering around you,

persistently in the afternoons,

mildly thereafter,

only the darkness,

being a lot for it to take,

to leave you on your own.

The companion,

in me,

you found,

always accompanied,

the darkness,

knowing all its darkest sides,

sharing all my gloomy secrets,

until you came along,

so while your shadow may leave,

fearing the darkness,

I’ll always be beside you,

conquering it, with the light,

of unending love in our hearts,

ending this journey with you,

at whose Beginning,

we were together !



Photo by Almos Bechtold on Unsplash



Equality is not in regarding different things similarly, equality is in regarding different things differently. Tom Robbins (2)

“Life is not written in words,

It is perceived in actions.

It doesn’t matter what you think,

what matters is how your deeds come out to be,

Cause they are the reflections of your who you are, what you think.

Pay attention, listen, listen carefully, listen with curiosity to the details and vitality of life and of the people you care about. It connects you with them, bring in you empathy & compassion and let your actions be in sync with their heart and mind.

The actions may go wrong sometimes, they definitely will,

And when they do, contemplate what went wrong, correct it and change your course of action.

But, never give up on your principles and sense of righteousness just because something didn’t go right. Cause in the end, everything is gonna fall in place and you always will be defined by the actions you’ve taken.

So choose…

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