Triumph !



I think not of sleep,

I think not of pain,

I think not of ordeals,

not anymore.

I think of my purpose,

I think of my destination,

I think of the hard-work.

They say pressure,

turns coal to diamond.

I think of the stress,

in whose aftermath,

the brightness illuminating,

all the darkness.

A story triumphant enough,

that will be written,

by the pen dipped in,

the ink of perseverance.



Photo by Jon Tyson on Unsplash


Radiance !



I can’t wait enough,

for the day I have dreamt forever,

when the wedding bells will chime,

their sweetest sound.


I will see you standing under,

the canopy adorned with orchids,

as I’ll walk down the aisle,

decked in red,

taking my hand,

studded with bangles,

coloured in your name, 

I will see those eyes,

contend as ever,

promising me,

never to let go off them.


Exchanging the vows,

in the words of our shared love,

not missing a beat,

around the blessing,

of our loved ones.


The moment in which,

our boundaries become one,

we unite,

embedded in bliss,

till death do us part.