Triumph !



I think not of sleep,

I think not of pain,

I think not of ordeals,

not anymore.

I think of my purpose,

I think of my destination,

I think of the hard-work.

They say pressure,

turns coal to diamond.

I think of the stress,

in whose aftermath,

the brightness illuminating,

all the darkness.

A story triumphant enough,

that will be written,

by the pen dipped in,

the ink of perseverance.



Photo byΒ Jon TysonΒ onΒ Unsplash


11 thoughts on “Triumph !

  1. The light shines down
    And is loved by all
    But the darkness
    In time
    On a we love
    Just the same
    What is and what can be
    What doesn’t need to be
    We cannot choose
    What we see
    But we do determine
    What we retain
    And what we allow
    To move forward

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    • The truth is always inside
      yet in times often
      in need of validation.
      darkness is a companion
      best of brightness
      one is needed
      for the other to help the world learn
      is what i learn
      the words yet again did what was needed to
      understanding all that was not.

      Thank you so much for such words on this ! I’m much humbled, thanks for saying them at the time needed !

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