Letters !


I wish to write letters to you,

just to know how are you,

just to pour my emotions on that paper, 

you know, its been so long that I’ve heard your smile,

reaching to your eyes, making them twinkle.

It feels times have past, feeling your warmth on my skin

tucking me to sleep, where i lay sleepless in the embrace of darkness now.

Months have passed and times have rushed, through the normal pace

yet, my world has stopped, where we were together.

Yes, I wish to write you letters, drenched with feelings

and longings of my heart.

The paper will touch your skin, just like it had touched mine,

and when you decide to write me back,

i’ll find solace in the thought of being closer to you

holding it close to my heart.



Photo by Joanna Kosinska on Unsplash




Bittersweet !


Each one of us, who is human

live with loneliness

at some times and others

inescapable it is, yet measurable.

destroying selves with failed attempts escaping it

is just no good,

for a vicious cycle it is,

the more we try, the more deep it gets.


accepting it, making it your own

savouring it, spending time with it

making it less lonely with your company

so, its bittersweet when it leaves !


Photo by Daria Tumanova on Unsplash



Dribbling words !


Not I, nor anyone

can put into words, which stage are you on

in this beautiful journey called life.

no one, can force you

how you should phrase

your feelings and emotions,

your experiences and your encounters.

Who are we, but witnesses and audiences

who are consumed by beautiful spell of words

words, that are weaved together, intricately

telling stories and tales,

of courage and fortitude, love and pain, 

unique in their own right.


It takes courage

to give voice to your perspective

of this world,

and bravery to let yourself out in the open

vulnerable, for the world to really see you.


Be brave, the poet in you

let it speak, let it flow the emotions it needs

and the world will listen, the world will cherish

if not today, then someday.

cause the words have the power

to create magic and cast spell.

just keep pouring that paper with the ink of your soul

the day will come,

when your words will be engraved in the hearts of the humankind.



Photo by Freddy Castro on Unsplash

Magical ! (Re-post)


Do you remember I asked you once about the best time you think we had spent together?

I remember how well you explained it embellishing with expressions and gestures, the sparkle in your eyes spoke all about the passion you held for that time. And i know how much you meant it because you are the one who speak with the depth of your eyes more than using words.

I never could tell you this, but do you know why that time held such a special place in your life? It was because in those few days you realised that you’ve fallen in love with me.

The moment of realisation of loving you was different for me. And from that moment till this day, nothing has been better than that for me as well. I visualise it every now and then. It’s my happy place to go to, when everything else around me is chaotic.

Did I tell you ever how I felt when our eyes locked for the first time?

Did I tell you ever how I felt when you first touched me and held me closer?

Did I tell you ever how I felt in the moment when your hands were in my hair and we were inches apart?

Did I tell you ever how it felt when your lips touched mine for the first time?

Did I ever tell you how did I feel when you poured your heart out for me trusting me with the darkest moments of your life?

Did I ever tell you how it felt when you included me in little decisions of your life?

Did I tell you ever how it felt when you cared for me in those little ways, never showing it off?

Did I tell you ever how I felt when you started trusting me with your life?

Did you know how special you made me feel?

It was magical. And it has been magical since then.

Ever since I realised that I love you, I have fallen in love with you every day all over again, every-time for a different reason.

Even in the times I dislike things you say or do, even in the times we fight, even in the times when I say hurtful things, and even in the times when I feel that you don’t understand my place, one thing I can’t stop is loving you.

The times when we were together were magical with your presence and now, when we are miles apart are magical too with the caravan of memories you’ve given me to live with until we meet again.


Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash

Embrace !



A hug, what is it?

just an embrace,

yet, something about the way,

your arms perfectly hold my back,

and how my arms perfectly envelope your shoulders,

and the way my head fits under your chin,

just like it was meant to be there, all along.

its when, i think

is it really just an embrace?


its when I hug you

and you hug me even tighter,

as if you want to speak,

of the depth of emotions you feel,

and in an instant I know what you feel.

its when, i think

is it really just an embrace?

No, it isn’t.

it really isn’t just an embrace.

its breaking in each other’s arms

to build again what’s broken, inside.



Photo by Tom The Photographer on Unsplash




And I refuse to give up ! (Re-post)

the wild.jpg

I have been subjected to denial a million times.
I have been said ‘no’ many times by many people.
But I want to see, what happens if I don’t give up.
I do have something. I exceedingly believe in, it makes me want to just smile and pull my act together, letting ‘them’ watch me.
I have learnt to take rejections as motivation, converting them into strength.
I have learnt to secure myself in my own being, for they can only defeat me when i’m insecure.
I’ve learnt that ‘my spot’ is already reserved, and I just need to keep working, keep moving, to reach there and fill it, instead of worrying about, it being taken away from me.
I’m not weakness, I’m strength. I’m unstoppable.
And I certainly ‘refuse to give up’
not just yet, not ever. 


Ceased regret !


I could have,

I should have,

I would have,

only if.

A saga put on a repeat mode in the head

the if stopped you, and you didn’t

what you should’ve at the place first.

what is undone remains undone

what is unsaid remains unsaid

until regret ceases to exist.

Ignore the chances un-taken

focus on the ones approaching,

for beating yourself up 

over inevitable, is just futile as it is,

bringing forth anything but despair.

Pave the way, instead,

for the dive of  a second chance,

make this one your own,

cause once the clock takes its circle complete,

its success rather regret,

the emotion that it is, 

what your heart needs to feel.



Photo by Antti Pajari on Unsplash




Ink !


I can write,

dipping my pen,

into the ink of inspiration,

that i find in you.

and i will continue to create you,

through my words,

as long as my hands can hold this pen,

and you,

you will remain as close as you can be,

here in the poetry i create,

looking back and reading them,

will be a cherished walk,

down the memory lane,

where i will drown myself,

in the deep ocean of, 

creations speaking of you.


Photo by Clark Young on Unsplash