43 thoughts on “Fragile !

  1. And now I can feel it’s broken
    But the broken pieces
    Has sharp edges
    And those who tries to
    Mess with the heart
    Thinking that it’s fragile
    Know it’s broken already
    And the edges can make you bleed.

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  2. They say a heart must be broken before it can be opened.❤️. Guarded hearts makes the defense strong but the heart weak. Being fragile and fixed makes one stronger. Love how you explained the reasoning behind the guarded heart and at times that would be a fitting solution.
    But how can one be polished if they are irritated by every rub? ~Rumi~

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      • Eyes are beautiful when they can see from all perspectives lovely and yours are.🌹. All points are correct but more water can always be added to the sea, the boat will still float.😊. I see your point as well❤️. That’s why I love your post and I love your thoughts, you write with your heart and you see others as well. Thank you.😊


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