Bridge !


The evening sun
shadowed by the captivated bird
slowly setting across the ocean
which the buoyant river
dreaming to finally meet

Oh! the bridge
that we climbed together many times
witnessing the waves flowing
and also the calm of the ocean
tiny twinkles of conversation
and also the sweet silence

Ah! my dear
I could hear the broken bird call
that once was wild and upbeat
which the years turned into echo
pale and clueless
scared and blank
boneless is the bird’s flight
in the chill of a winter morning

The rain falls to a guilty rhythm
smearing the dust ridden ground
the sound no more is music
the odour not a petrichor anymore
just pebbles embedded
haphazardly on earth
no more making a way

reflecting on you, my bird
I again walk this bridge
touching the air no one can see
smelling the fragrance around me
one step at a time
on the pebbles put across
learning again to be me


Photo by João Silveira on Unsplash


24 thoughts on “Bridge !

  1. I love the images you created with this poem. The bird first as an animal and then as the person you are missing. The bridge holding together the past and the present. The rain, river, ocean and pebbles as objects holding you to the place. Beautiful! -Jill


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