Solemn Stillness !



Life has brought me to a point
where there is stillness in my eyes
I love this calm in them,
they don’t wander anymore
searching for something finite
choosing or not,
the little or big troubles

There is this void
which I have come to love
there is a silence in it
that I cherish.
It sings to me, taking me
into a world of peaceful stillness
bringing in front of me
places and times
beyond this dimension
away from all the chaos and chatter

There is a nothingness in my heart
which I have come to adorn
putting me into a blissful journey
of contentment and calm
Its as if I want it,
yet its nothing, that I want.

There is harmony that I feel withing
pulling the strings of my heart
to bring out a melody of my being
a harmony, that’s born out of chaos
synchronizing into beautiful notes
of calm and blissful song.

I embrace now that exists in nothing
where this universe already leads me to everything.



Photo by Özgür Akman on Unsplash


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