Fragility !


Like a glass
with a broken body
heart chipping away
piece by piece
with the days eventful.
Done and dusted through
cracked, damaged and flawed
the adjectives that suit.
Hurting, trying to fix things
bleeding, trying to hold together
the million piecesΒ 
just waiting to break through
the behold and fall down.
What’s left?
one gentle touch,
just to make sure everything is good
oh yes, it took just one gentle touch
to shatter what little was left
into pieces, without knowing !


19 thoughts on “Fragility !

  1. The heart a little broken, the soul a little frayed. But piece by piece, day by day, how the heart picks up the pieces. The flaws are still beautiful, if the embrace is the new day. What’s left? You keep going, even if every step… is fragilely taken! Blessings!

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  2. Like that echo that will cause the snow to come falling down, that one or one word is all it takes sometimes to shatter all that is cracked. Fragile is the perfect term as it fits perfectly to the words displayed. Descriptively beautiful.🌹

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