A promise !


Tomorrow morning if you wake up
To find there’s no sun in the sky
I’ll be there to bring you the light and warmth.

If in the dark, we loose sight of love, I’ll hold your hand and together we will walk through to find the path that leads us to our unison.

I will be there always to listen to you when you want to speak your mind, and I will be there right beside you in the times when quiet is what you want to be.

I will be there when the smiles and laughter turns into gloom and melancholy.
Through thick and the thin, and all the bumps and highs on the road, I will be there holding you tight to welcome the beautiful adventures of life to experience one and all together with you.

If tomorrow when you wake up and the future looks misty, don’t worry I will be there asking you all the questions, figuring out together the answers that will clear the weather.

Today, the most awaited day of the year has come, today is the day that you came into this world. It is the day most special to me.
Today is your birthday, and today will I say few words that comes straight from my heart !

I can’t promise you that there will be no dark clouds that will hover us tomorrow,
Nor can I promise that it will be rainbows that will be lying before our lives always !

I can’t promise you that the future will be perfect or life will always be a cakewalk.

But, today I promise you
My everlasting devotion, my loyalty and my unending love for you for this lifetime and many more to come.

I promise you that I will sit with you through any crisis,
Pray with you, dream with you, build with you together the life we both have imagined for, of love laughter and happiness !

I promise you I will be your protector, admirer, adviser, your friend, family and everything.

I promise you that I will be loving you for a lifetime with a heart that is full of love for you !

Happy birthday my sunshine !!❤️


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