December & June !


inna-lesyk-191832-unsplash.jpgDecember and June
fell in love with each other
the feeling was ecstatic
just like the warmth of the sun
on that cold December morning
but also soothing the heart
like the cool waters of the ocean
on that fine day of June.

Today is that day of December,
when you were born
today is the day God
gave me the best gift of my life
So here is one thing, to tell you.

I didn’t fall in love with you
I walked consciously into love with you
with my eyes open
giving every bit of my heart to you
choosing to take every step bit by bit
along the way holding your hand.
I believe in faith, I believe in destiny
but then, i also believe that we are fated
only to do things we consciously choose to do.
So, I choose this fine day of December to tell…

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