Chaos !


A soul, wild and wandering

that she was,

traversing the distances above and beyond

crossing the oceans,

searching for the calm and peace.


The profound depth and passionate intensity

of  love she carried around her

often turned into chaos,

the commotion bringing 

every sentiment the heart carried, upfront.

bringing a beautiful destruction.



in the end,

tragic turmoils turn into an element of divinity

pouring nothing but delight

in the aftermath of the lovely chaos.





‘Meant to be’ !


She stopped for a while to think,

why she was where she is?

and if she was meant to be there,

why is it that every moment,

is a moment of struggle and despair.

If she is meant to be happy,

why every single day is followed with

breaking down before the pillow.


Life, in strange ways, is misleading sometimes,

a puzzle, stubborn to be solved at all,

it takes to a path beautiful,

and the moment surroundings become comfortable

a hurricane arrives following destruction and relocation.


She stops, and looks back to the path she had been to,

thinks about all the times she had relocated,

every time with a spirit, higher than before,

a spark lightening her up, fuelling her to take on the world,

rather it seems the fuel is ending now, the spark no longer brightening

rather, her heart is starting to collapse in that fire,

becoming just remnants of once a fierce soul.



Photo by Anthony Tran on Unsplash


A line !


A line,

vague yet profound

for the eyes to see

between empowered and helpless

both leading to falling in love

holding within it intense depth of passion.


The night plays the tricks,

calling upon me, as the sleep wanders to a land foreign

revealing the darkness it had hidden perfectly

the darkness, that’s shared by these two hearts.

making them meet at the middle of this line

drawn so intricately.


Holding each others hands, 

they find a balance,

on the line so thin, speaking nothing

letting the silence do the talking.

for there is an enormous space,

that no amount of words can fill.


They stay with each other,

for that eternal moment of honesty between them

where no deceit had a place,

for there were no words, just expression

of the emotions kept tight inside for so long.


It was a moment of free fall,

a moment of an eternal beginning

a moment of endless endings

finding a way to be draped in the warmth

of plain love, between the two hearts.


Standing on the edge, on the risk of falling,

they reminded each other, how beautiful destruction could be

for it had the power to create, something magical

just in those moments of vulnerability

as they became one.


The colour of love !


He is the colour of sunshine

illuminating the darkness,

wherever he sets his foot.

the colour shining in his dazzling eyes

a reflection, of his heart.


that contagious laughter,

just like the colour of tulips blooming,

spreading freshness, and love

cheering my soul,

transiting in a pure state of affection.


his touch 

like the beautiful hues of pink

making my heart skip a beat

dripping the fragrance

of jasmine.


his kiss,

warm on my skin,

golden, just like the colour of honey

sweet and blissful,


The colour of his love

is my favourite, white

pure and pious

oblivious to betrayal and deceit

clear and giving.


The colour formed after mixing hundreds,

yet, never loosing its essence,

that’s what is the colour of his love

millions in one, yet one in a million !




Near, still here !


The wind that just passed by you, caressing your face

touched me, I felt the warmth as if it was your touch,

leaving me breathless.

The miles between us I wonder now,

is it real, for never you are away.

The setting sun in the sky,

paints your face, for me to admire.

and then when I close my eyes,

I feel your arms wrapped up around me perfectly.

Hours and days, weeks and months

pass at their own pace, 

yet I always find you just right beside me.

And when the night sky shine

the star-light reflects the glitter of your eyes

speaking to me in the language of love.

The moon light falls on the ocean,

and the waves carry the sound of your laughter,

that makes my heart skip a beat.

When the world falls asleep, and the raindrops fall

their sound seems like your voice talking to me

taking my name, singing to me, making it beautiful,

making me fall asleep in the comfort of the lullaby .

And when the morning sunshine touches my skin,

gently, it feels like the comfort of your touch

blanketing me, to start my day.

And I feel that

you still are just here, right beside me

in every thing I see and touch

yes, still very near, just here.



Photo by Rodolfo Sanches Carvalho on Unsplash





Loving You ! (Re-post)


To me, loving you

Is the way to view the world

And express my perspective.


To me, loving you

is that moment,

When you feel you are in a parallel universe

Free from every weight that holds you down.


To me, loving you

Is looking at life from a blind man’s eye

Because he understands, what he can’t see.


To me, loving you

Is a feeling you get, looking at a child’s smiling face

Dripping with innocence, free from treachery.


To me, loving you

Is like the sunrise, beginning the day

With a new found hope brightening the soul.


To me, loving you

Is like a new discovery every day

Understanding the unknown


To me, loving you

Is about feeling good

With every little thing you have in your life to be grateful for.


To me, loving you

Is knowing, that contradictory views are better than betrayal

Teaching me that cold words doesn’t always mean ill-intent.


To me, loving you

Is comfort, just like the warmth of an overdue hug

Embracing you, and making you feel loved.


To me, loving you

Is company, that never leaves you alone

Becoming your strength at all times.


To me, loving you

Is knowledge, of experiences of others around

Inspiring you, to make a beautiful story of your own.


To me, loving you

Is the melody in the music you love

Touching you indefinitely at all the right wounds and healing.


To me, loving you

Is revelation, of the reasons of unexpected smiles

That brings the satisfaction in your heart making you contend.


To me, loving you

Is the view of tiny drops of dew settled on a flower on a winter morning

Bringing happiness to your heart and beauty to your eyes.


To me, loving you

Is dreaming, with your eyes open

Filling your heart with a passion to fulfil what is seen.


To me, loving you

is all of this and much more

Balancing me to feel better, understand better and ultimately, be better.



Photo by taylor hernandez on Unsplash

I miss you !



Sitting on the windowpane,

as i look out of the window,

i see raindrops falling on the ground,

smelling the wet soil,

feeling the cold air upon my skin,

somehow soothing the burning pain, 

of being miles away from you.

everything is beautiful to eyes,

yet is incomplete,

for your embrace as my blanket,

is what is missing !



Photo by Danielle Dolson on Unsplash


Heavenly !



When your eyes talk to my eyes,

the whole world stills,

time witnesses and nature accompanies,

the quiet that’s surreal,

inviting each other,

to see what remains unseen,

to hear what remains unheard.

All the other senses ceases,

just the conversation they have,

being exquisite remains,

The love that resides in the heart,

is confessed in that moment.

Yes, that’s what happens,

when your eyes talk to mine !



Photo by Morgan Sessions on Unsplash

Alter ego !



Laying down on the ground,

in the darkest hour of night.

while the winds too are asleep,

I mourn the loss,

loss of a dream.


I gaze at the sky above me,

jewelled with twinkling stars,

bringing life to the lifeless.

And the moon,

never in solitary,

even on the days, when,

it chooses to remain concealed,

they wait for it patiently,

to re-appear,

Just so they remain,

the perfect companions.

of all times.


Its surreal,

soothing my wounded heart,

for it secretly finds the company,

of the shining light of the night sky,

shedding radiance on its darkness,

guarding it with a beautiful,

white light of hope.



Photo by Brendon Thompson on Unsplash

Radiance !



I can’t wait enough,

for the day I have dreamt forever,

when the wedding bells will chime,

their sweetest sound.


I will see you standing under,

the canopy adorned with orchids,

as I’ll walk down the aisle,

decked in red,

taking my hand,

studded with bangles,

coloured in your name, 

I will see those eyes,

contend as ever,

promising me,

never to let go off them.


Exchanging the vows,

in the words of our shared love,

not missing a beat,

around the blessing,

of our loved ones.


The moment in which,

our boundaries become one,

we unite,

embedded in bliss,

till death do us part.