An open letter to Indian parents (A daughters perspective)


Dear parents
I know that you care about your children especially your daughter very deeply. I know that I will always be indebted for the things you’ve done for me, the love you’ve lavished on me and the care you’ve given me. I know probably I’m the most prized possession for you on this entire planet.

I know, your biggest concern visibly since I turned 18 has been my marriage. And things started to change from then. Since the day I started college, your interests in my grades and scores, my job prospects, my ambition gradually started to wane and suddenly, just in blink of an eye switched to my marriage. It took me some time to realize that how you stopped bugging me if I performed poorly on a test and how a thing which mattered to you so much when I was back in school, suddenly was just another mundane routine issue. I wish things could go back to the days when I was asked to study, when contrary to today my education was the most important thing that mattered to you. I don’t know what changed and when it did?

And then, when the college was over, and I confided in you about falling in love and wanting to marry the man of my likes when the time comes. All hell broke loose. You didn’t want to listen to any reason or logic I had to offer, simply because in a secular country like ours the only thing that matters when it comes to marriage is religion and caste. I cried, I begged, I shouted, I did every possible thing I could as your daughter for getting that chance to have you listen to me and understand the plethora of emotions in me. But you simply refused. So I did what I could do, kept quiet, staying patient in hope that one day you will understand.

I always kept my ambition and my love for him separate. Even when I fell in love with him, I knew I will not marry until I become financially stable. Did you not teach my brother to become responsible and financially stable before even thinking about marriage? Then why the education suddenly became different for me? How come just because my age and now my confession the only solution you could find for me was getting me married to the next guy you could find for me? Wasn’t it you Ma, who woke up with me at nights when I studied during the board exams? Wasn’t it you Pa, who used to tell me I’m no less than a guy and my daughter will become an administrative officer? Then how? how every thing just went away and why? Was it just a statement you used to please me?

Years have passed and I feel the strong foundation of values you gave me are now something you want me to change because I have grown up, and now marriage and marrying within the bounds of your society is the only thing I am supposed to do. And if I don’t I will somehow dishonor you. I know I have crossed the “marriageable age” according to you, and the one man I love is not appropriate for your societal satisfaction, so I now have to make a choice. But my question is why is it have to be me to make that kind of a choice, when you always told me that my happiness is the only thing that mattered to you? Do you not see where my happiness lies?

I am sorry to both of you. It is not my intention to hurt you,to cause you pain or embarrassment. But I am an adult now and my life is my own. I take full responsibility of my decisions, marital or otherwise. I wish I could go back in time and show you how you used to protect me if someone used to say something wrong to me and now I feel lonely because you feel everyone do have a right to say anything to me just because I probably am the one who needs to understand.

I will remain your daughter, I will still love myself, and more than anything else, I will always love you. I do hope, I rise to the morning one day when you are proud of the daughter you’ve raised, cherish and respect her choices, her life and most importantly her dreams.

Always your daughter.



Time stands at still !


Shadowy silhouette
in the sun
touching the horizon
portrays lovers embrace
colluded as one.

Inseparable dreams
slowly morphing into one
creating a harmony
perfectly tuned
in the rhymes of their hearts

the sapphire sea
reflecting its colour
in the profound sky
blanketing them under self
while their lips concocting
in an enchanted kiss

Surrendering in the beauty of
twinkling stars in the emptiness
of the significant sky
the darkness descends
and shadows swallow all
of light’s trace

Reality takes a pause
the time stands at still
to the depths of their soul
where they swim
in the glory of love
the purest love, living in their heart.


Photo by Jacob Rank on Unsplash

Re-birth !


The art of inventing the strength
to welcome the life she fancy, with grandeur.
ways she choose, paths she traverse
frowned upon by many, yet the life is hers to be

Confusion and delusion,
insecurity and all the battles
fighting she is, with all her might,
no place left for second guessing the beliefs;
the beliefs, she holds, dear to heart.

The fierce is the fire
burning bright, to vanquish darkness,
following the rules made by her own
in search of the true truth,
making a life for her own.

Transcending out of guilelessness
she grew, while travelling
in those moments of voyage
travelled she a lifetime, mentally.
and today she blooms,
for it is the beginning of an unending end.

for the world is lost in its labels,
disabled and oblivious to what they’ve become
in the name of honour and dignity,
where ironical are the actions,
disgraceful and horrendous.

So she proceeds in the direction ahead,
unbound from the labels; right or wrong
accepting the ways strange and different
but once she gears, takes a flight high.
making the soul reappear, from a long slumber.

Taking the hold of the destiny
unpinning the roadblocks,
retrieving what she seeks
in anything but grief,
there she rises high, once again
like a phoenix.


Valiant journey !


Oh! So I wish !
for this wind to be my wing
to carry me, to your heart
for the waves in the ocean
to drift me to the shore,
where we are destined to meet.

you knocked on the door of my heart
confident with so much of love to give
my longing heart was touched
with a soothing balm of your affection
Bravery was your armour,
and love your shield,
protecting me,
from the darkness concealed.

Patience is our virtue
and fortitude our strength,
the journey which began
with two strangers walking on different paths
will turn into becoming the better-halves
sharing not just the paths,
but the walk of their lives, for them
to remember till the eternal end !


‘Meant to be’ !


She stopped for a while to think,

why she was where she is?

and if she was meant to be there,

why is it that every moment,

is a moment of struggle and despair.

If she is meant to be happy,

why every single day is followed with

breaking down before the pillow.


Life, in strange ways, is misleading sometimes,

a puzzle, stubborn to be solved at all,

it takes to a path beautiful,

and the moment surroundings become comfortable

a hurricane arrives following destruction and relocation.


She stops, and looks back to the path she had been to,

thinks about all the times she had relocated,

every time with a spirit, higher than before,

a spark lightening her up, fuelling her to take on the world,

rather it seems the fuel is ending now, the spark no longer brightening

rather, her heart is starting to collapse in that fire,

becoming just remnants of once a fierce soul.



Photo by Anthony Tran on Unsplash


Indifference !



I’m a soul of extremes

juggling between feeling too much,

or not feeling at all

its either over-whelmed emotions

or total indifference

never an inbetween.

A world it is,

that we live in

things are many, actions are more

the dawn of realisation strikes

leaving a ray of enlightenment to your door

illuminating from within, 

that things are just things

actions are just actions

years from now, which will remain

mere memories,

cherished or bitter,

leaving for you to decide.

I choose indifference for the bitter ones

and endurance for the ones cherished

cause life is meant to live.

taking empathy, acceptance and forgiveness

as companions, eternal

adoring this journey called life

is what i call my way of living !



Photo by Brynden on Unsplash





I found you !



Even if I don’t say it out loud,

I search for you in the crowd

wherever I go.

I search for that face,

when I walk past the lane where I knew

you spent most of your days in.

I know you aren’t in there anymore,

still I look for you,

for my heart finds a sense of happiness,

in searching for your presence.

I close my eyes, taking in the air,

to smell your being,

for somehow you know,

that your fragrance never deceived me,

even if my eyes did.

I know you aren’t in there anymore,

i still do it anyway,

in pursuit of finding you.

I look for you in every face I see,

hoping that it is your eyes that I find,

giving me the solace,

But I see you no where, 

until i close my eyes,

and realise that all along

you had been with me, 

when i had been searching for you

all around, 

i finally found you,

where you were meant to be !



Photo by Nikita Kachanovsky on Unsplash



Deception !


She was quiet

because her heart was breaking

and she knew,

soon her body will give up on her too

and then all that’ll be left;

a lifeless body,

in once a lively soul.

But she was quiet,

cause she knew no-one is going to believe her

as she perfected the art of deception

now killing her slowly,

one pretence at a time !


Photo by Caleb George on Unsplash

Stitching the wounds !


Sitting at this window-pane

looking outside as the life seems to be moving

I wonder, how much we’ve travelled

how far our love has come in this voyage.

your pain, my sorrow

my circumstances, your helplessness,

your hurt, my grief

and the list seems to end never.

One thing we know, is certain

after all these years that have passed

we can sail through the times, toughest

in the dreading waves and deadly storms

together is the key, we know we have.

So let’s just break loose, the bounds and barriers.

cause you know, I’ll chase you beyond the wilderness

where you could share those darkest secrets,

while I know you’ll come after me,

till the road diverges, for its always extremes

when it comes to me.

Those wounds we got, the hurt is fresh, the bruises are blue

so let’s build our palace,

where we sit together, stitching these wounds !


Photo by Travis Grossen on Unsplash


Serene journey !


Today, tomorrow and for years to come,

I’ll walk the paths with you,

touching the air around, that no one can see,

and when the journey gets difficult,

for the roadblocks gets rough,

when the efforts invested appears in vain,

I’ll hum your favourite song,

walking along, holding your hand,

adorning the smile, comforting you,

one step at a time, to end this journey,

with one thing certain,

my hands in yours, and my steps besides yours,

welcoming the rising sun, together.

on the other side of the night.