Epiphany !

matthew-brodeur-215031-unsplash.jpgAwake, and this time
driven by the rush of blood in my veins
raindrops are falling,
the sky is clear
Oh ! look the storms have ceased
and the hurricane settled.

The damage it caused
yet to be analysed,
may be more, may be less
but the storms have ceased
and the heart has started pumping
the blood at its normal pace

Oh ! look I see the sun
though it has not reached my window yet
it is yet to grace me with its warmth and light
but look the storms have ceased
and I will climb up
leaving this bottomless pit
till I finally see the light of the day.


Photo by Matthew Brodeur on Unsplash


A love affair !


Who was she?
just a girl in love
waiting every day for the night,
when all is quiet
for it would bring him closer to her.

He is so close, yet so far away
She would patiently wait for him
everyday, in the hope of
an eternal union;
that beautiful moment,
when she would be near him
to hold him closer to her heart.

Those one sided conversations,
would finally end,
they would speak and listen,
to the stories they had to tell each other,
and those lonely thoughts will no longer be alone
for the reverie will finally unite with her moon.


Photo by Steve Halama on Unsplash

Lonely thought !


At the bottom of the pyramid
is where I lay
as I watch the sun go down
the horizon
and just like that
another lonely day of my lonely
being passes.

I lay awake in the company of
this unending sky and the million stars
staring at the moon, lonely as it is
despite surrounded by all the beauty
yet darkness is what

In these moments where my eyes witness this
my mind struggles with the thought that
if only I could capture your heart
may be then, just may be
you’d stay and we’d never would part ways.

Photo by Gabriele Motter on Unsplash


Welled !

Millions of pieces of severed heartin the aftermath of several heartbreaksdelicately carried underthis moonlit skyblanketed under beautifully crafted deceitful smilescarrying an ocean of painin those dew droppedeyes .jpg

Millions of pieces of severed heart
in the aftermath of several heartbreaks
delicately carried under
this moonlit sky
blanketed under beautifully crafted
deceitful smiles
carrying an ocean of pain
in those dew dropped
eyes welled with unshed tears


Shining light !


I wish for the time and space
to unwind and float away.
Stepping into your mind
to read your thoughts
sweet and complex,
wanting a piece of you to remember
treasure a part of you in my heart forever
there are countless paths to travel
abounding passages to discover
having you by my side
the rising of the early sun
and the touch of the dawn
the sound of the morning crickets
and the silence of the night sky
the moments are infinite to experience
yet this endless distance
standing tall between us
forbidding the sweetest pleasure
of being together
however the darkness thrives
i’ll keep the light burning
in my heart, warm and bright
for you to always find shelter
peace and comfort
when you finally come home !


Dream !


But you know
there are many words
that I want to say to you
that will remain between
my lips, stitched,
like the water in the vast ocean
just touches the shore
gently and then recedes.

But may be in the faded light
of the faint moonlit sky
as you sleep to the sound
of peaceful night
I will whisper those words
in your ear
which you can’t hear
but may be
I will dream of you
dreaming those words.


Peculiar !


The familiarity of being lost,
is where her heart began finding comfort
the irony being peculiar
of her falling in love with the freedom
of never being found,
not even by her own-self,

For once, in her life
living quietly, she was
without her mind making noises
free was her heart,
at least for a moment, from
the noises of homesickness
and the sound of saudade.

with her contemplative eyes,
on the forlorn moon
thoughts kept on invading her heart
but the path to her mind was blocked
as for once, she was lost
and she was free, at the same time
from being found.


Photo by Warren Wong on Unsplash


Collaborated scribbles 2 !


He just wanted her to know that, it’s not wrong for her to either feel nothing or feel like everything is falling apart, its okay if the pieces of the puzzle are just scattered. He knew how brave she is, how she always stands by what her heart says is right, and those things, little or big, made her who she is.

He couldn’t even imagine how big a fight she had been fighting constantly inside and outside, and yet he found her strength completely adorable. The way she always rose like a phoenix from nothingness, was what he admired about her. And he just couldn’t stop acknowledging every single time she did that, how much he loved her, and how that love could never be tangible, for him to express, and even if it could, it still wouldn’t be enough.

He had been reading her all through the time he had been around, and off late he found in her a longing to find again the light, yearning to gain the strength she thought she had lost in an abyss. He just wanted to hold her and let her know, that she will find that light and will again shine bright like the glowing star in the moonlit sky, living graciously and moving ahead one step at a time.

She might be in an abyss but from where he was looking, she had never been that clear before, and he had the faith that it was about time she realised that she was fierce like the fire and that fire isn’t gonna burn ever.

She knew he had been reading her, and what made her restless was that he was quietly observing her, without shredding slightest of the clue of what had been on his mind. She was oblivious of the fact that he was preparing to make her feel loved and special, sweeping her off her feet, by the magical gestures of love.

His love had always been one of a kind, never pompous, always silent, just for her to know, just for her to feel. It was always his way of making every single thing about her, just like making her his centre of gravity, just like he was the fulcrum around which her life moved. He spoke with those pair of his eyes, and no amount of words could reassure her, but that simple peek into his eyes, meant the world to her.

He knew her like the back of his hand, more than she could ever know herself, and it was always his faith in her that made her grow, and become the person she is, it was his love, that was the manure, and his heart the ground on which she grew.

He was the light she was looking for all this time, and yes, it was about time she realised that the light that she had been searching for, had always been by her side all along.


This is another attempt of a collaboration between me and the one all my poetry is dedicated to. Its just one of those days where, you feel that not everything in this world is dark and unpleasant, after all. Another piece sharing with you all, words of the one who impact my life the most !

Please feel free to check out the first collaboration like this by clicking on this link. ‘Collaborated Scribbles’


Photo by Crystal Shaw on Unsplash

Fulcrum !


Don’t you fret, for I’m here
And I’ll always be here,
to let you know, that you’re loved
showing how my world revolves around
the fulcrum, that you are

Yes, I will be here
for you to know, that
no matter the burden
big or small,
you’ll always find me right beside you
walking together, even when the path is
brutal, and life throws vexed questions.

and when the nights get longer
and the darkness surrounds you,
when the sleep, deceives you
rendering restlessness and anxiety
i’ll be right there to hold you
to sing you to sleep
and comfort you, with my embrace
telling you how, we will get through it

For the pain and agony
just like the smile and laughter
remember we are shared partners
through the thick and through the thin
and in sickness and in health,
for my weary mind, never leaves your side
even when distance puts us aside

you don’t have to be alone,
cause I’d always stretch my hand
for you to hold it, for there is nothing
in the world that will change the fact
that for you,
i’ll travel every hard and aching mile, and
the fire of love isn’t ever gonna burn and fade

So just leave your pain and worry aside
hold me tight,
cause I’m never gonna leave your side
holding you till the sun shine brights
from near, or from far I’ll be there
to look for the thoughts in which you are.



Photo by Tom The Photographer on Unsplash