Alter ego !



Laying down on the ground,

in the darkest hour of night.

while the winds too are asleep,

I mourn the loss,

loss of a dream.


I gaze at the sky above me,

jewelled with twinkling stars,

bringing life to the lifeless.

And the moon,

never in solitary,

even on the days, when,

it chooses to remain concealed,

they wait for it patiently,

to re-appear,

Just so they remain,

the perfect companions.

of all times.


Its surreal,

soothing my wounded heart,

for it secretly finds the company,

of the shining light of the night sky,

shedding radiance on its darkness,

guarding it with a beautiful,

white light of hope.



Photo by Brendon Thompson on Unsplash


Drenched !



What is looked at,

is what seen,

the vision of your love,

the depth of your soul,

while traversing through thick and thin

along with me.


The gestures you put forth,

the actions you coursed,

spoke for itself;

Silently, yet loud enough,

to surrender,

every inch of my heart, in your name.


Distancing from superficiality,

diving into divinity,

soulful, peaceful and pious,

is love,

is what I found,

being loved by you.





Photo by Mike Kenneally on Unsplash