Alter ego !



Laying down on the ground,

in the darkest hour of night.

while the winds too are asleep,

I mourn the loss,

loss of a dream.


I gaze at the sky above me,

jewelled with twinkling stars,

bringing life to the lifeless.

And the moon,

never in solitary,

even on the days, when,

it chooses to remain concealed,

they wait for it patiently,

to re-appear,

Just so they remain,

the perfect companions.

of all times.


Its surreal,

soothing my wounded heart,

for it secretly finds the company,

of the shining light of the night sky,

shedding radiance on its darkness,

guarding it with a beautiful,

white light of hope.



Photo by Brendon Thompson on Unsplash


Triumph !



I think not of sleep,

I think not of pain,

I think not of ordeals,

not anymore.

I think of my purpose,

I think of my destination,

I think of the hard-work.

They say pressure,

turns coal to diamond.

I think of the stress,

in whose aftermath,

the brightness illuminating,

all the darkness.

A story triumphant enough,

that will be written,

by the pen dipped in,

the ink of perseverance.



Photo by Jon Tyson on Unsplash

HOPE, cause it will fix you!!


Never the pains are healed magically.

One can’t get up all fixed up and delighted after agonizing whole night.

You will hurt, you will grieve, endless times before the pain soothes.

But its hope. . .

Hope of getting better, hope of reaching towards happiness, hope of finding a purpose.

This hope, will make it all bearable, all worthwhile.

This hope will let you continue to breathe, to smile again, to find the lost meaning of life.

It will be this hope that will help you to heal and in the end you will win.

A change will be created, change to improve, change to love and change to live!!


“Lights will guide you home
And ignite your bones
And I will try to fix you.”