Time stands at still !


Shadowy silhouette
in the sun
touching the horizon
portrays lovers embrace
colluded as one.

Inseparable dreams
slowly morphing into one
creating a harmony
perfectly tuned
in the rhymes of their hearts

the sapphire sea
reflecting its colour
in the profound sky
blanketing them under self
while their lips concocting
in an enchanted kiss

Surrendering in the beauty of
twinkling stars in the emptiness
of the significant sky
the darkness descends
and shadows swallow all
of light’s trace

Reality takes a pause
the time stands at still
to the depths of their soul
where they swim
in the glory of love
the purest love, living in their heart.


Photo by Jacob Rank on Unsplash


Who is he?


is the thought behind every feeling
the yearning of my soul
the swelling in my chest
the starlight in the moonlit sky

is the sound behind every sigh of my heart
the song of the nightingale
the warmth of the sun
the smile on my face

He is the meaning of love
the one I call my home.


Welled !

Millions of pieces of severed heartin the aftermath of several heartbreaksdelicately carried underthis moonlit skyblanketed under beautifully crafted deceitful smilescarrying an ocean of painin those dew droppedeyes .jpg

Millions of pieces of severed heart
in the aftermath of several heartbreaks
delicately carried under
this moonlit sky
blanketed under beautifully crafted
deceitful smiles
carrying an ocean of pain
in those dew dropped
eyes welled with unshed tears


Dream !


But you know
there are many words
that I want to say to you
that will remain between
my lips, stitched,
like the water in the vast ocean
just touches the shore
gently and then recedes.

But may be in the faded light
of the faint moonlit sky
as you sleep to the sound
of peaceful night
I will whisper those words
in your ear
which you can’t hear
but may be
I will dream of you
dreaming those words.


Collaborated scribbles 2 !


He just wanted her to know that, it’s not wrong for her to either feel nothing or feel like everything is falling apart, its okay if the pieces of the puzzle are just scattered. He knew how brave she is, how she always stands by what her heart says is right, and those things, little or big, made her who she is.

He couldn’t even imagine how big a fight she had been fighting constantly inside and outside, and yet he found her strength completely adorable. The way she always rose like a phoenix from nothingness, was what he admired about her. And he just couldn’t stop acknowledging every single time she did that, how much he loved her, and how that love could never be tangible, for him to express, and even if it could, it still wouldn’t be enough.

He had been reading her all through the time he had been around, and off late he found in her a longing to find again the light, yearning to gain the strength she thought she had lost in an abyss. He just wanted to hold her and let her know, that she will find that light and will again shine bright like the glowing star in the moonlit sky, living graciously and moving ahead one step at a time.

She might be in an abyss but from where he was looking, she had never been that clear before, and he had the faith that it was about time she realised that she was fierce like the fire and that fire isn’t gonna burn ever.

She knew he had been reading her, and what made her restless was that he was quietly observing her, without shredding slightest of the clue of what had been on his mind. She was oblivious of the fact that he was preparing to make her feel loved and special, sweeping her off her feet, by the magical gestures of love.

His love had always been one of a kind, never pompous, always silent, just for her to know, just for her to feel. It was always his way of making every single thing about her, just like making her his centre of gravity, just like he was the fulcrum around which her life moved. He spoke with those pair of his eyes, and no amount of words could reassure her, but that simple peek into his eyes, meant the world to her.

He knew her like the back of his hand, more than she could ever know herself, and it was always his faith in her that made her grow, and become the person she is, it was his love, that was the manure, and his heart the ground on which she grew.

He was the light she was looking for all this time, and yes, it was about time she realised that the light that she had been searching for, had always been by her side all along.


This is another attempt of a collaboration between me and the one all my poetry is dedicated to. Its just one of those days where, you feel that not everything in this world is dark and unpleasant, after all. Another piece sharing with you all, words of the one who impact my life the most !

Please feel free to check out the first collaboration like this by clicking on this link. ‘Collaborated Scribbles’


Photo by Crystal Shaw on Unsplash

Longing !


The sky blanketed with clouds silver,

wild-flowers sprouting in the crevices

the rain drops, falling on the ground

the fragrance of wet mud

making every inch of my being nostalgic

with memories of you

wearing that red plaid shirt,

rushing back to me,

when you walked towards me,

carrying that rose,

while I watched you from across the street

with that thrilling expression in my eyes,

and as you approached nearer, 

my heart-beat kept rising 

and the blood kept flushing my cheeks,

and in that moment I knew,

you will be the one, I’d never let go,

this will be the moment, I’d never let go.


Photo by Goran Ivos on Unsplash


I’d take this moment to thank syncwithdeep for thinking about me, for this challenge, I really had an amazing time writing this one, this being my first attempt at any prompt. Thank you so much once again for the challenge

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The colour of love !


He is the colour of sunshine

illuminating the darkness,

wherever he sets his foot.

the colour shining in his dazzling eyes

a reflection, of his heart.


that contagious laughter,

just like the colour of tulips blooming,

spreading freshness, and love

cheering my soul,

transiting in a pure state of affection.


his touch 

like the beautiful hues of pink

making my heart skip a beat

dripping the fragrance

of jasmine.


his kiss,

warm on my skin,

golden, just like the colour of honey

sweet and blissful,


The colour of his love

is my favourite, white

pure and pious

oblivious to betrayal and deceit

clear and giving.


The colour formed after mixing hundreds,

yet, never loosing its essence,

that’s what is the colour of his love

millions in one, yet one in a million !




Home, where heart is !


You are the light that guides me home,

a home that you’ve built with love

in your heart,

a home, that belongs to me.


I’ve built a room there,

made of poetry and words,

where, when the night strucks

the starlight enters, illuminating with adoration.


the walls are painted with the lightest shade of blue

i know, that’s your favourite,

and it reminds me of your love.

the roof is the night sky,

where the moon and stars accompany us,

never leaving us alone.


And there we are, in the midst of it

lying wrapped up in the blanket of warmth

comforting each other,

where no word is spoken

where wounds of distance

are healed with the embrace of hearts,

finding the home, where we belonged all along.





Near, still here !


The wind that just passed by you, caressing your face

touched me, I felt the warmth as if it was your touch,

leaving me breathless.

The miles between us I wonder now,

is it real, for never you are away.

The setting sun in the sky,

paints your face, for me to admire.

and then when I close my eyes,

I feel your arms wrapped up around me perfectly.

Hours and days, weeks and months

pass at their own pace, 

yet I always find you just right beside me.

And when the night sky shine

the star-light reflects the glitter of your eyes

speaking to me in the language of love.

The moon light falls on the ocean,

and the waves carry the sound of your laughter,

that makes my heart skip a beat.

When the world falls asleep, and the raindrops fall

their sound seems like your voice talking to me

taking my name, singing to me, making it beautiful,

making me fall asleep in the comfort of the lullaby .

And when the morning sunshine touches my skin,

gently, it feels like the comfort of your touch

blanketing me, to start my day.

And I feel that

you still are just here, right beside me

in every thing I see and touch

yes, still very near, just here.



Photo by Rodolfo Sanches Carvalho on Unsplash





I miss you !



Sitting on the windowpane,

as i look out of the window,

i see raindrops falling on the ground,

smelling the wet soil,

feeling the cold air upon my skin,

somehow soothing the burning pain, 

of being miles away from you.

everything is beautiful to eyes,

yet is incomplete,

for your embrace as my blanket,

is what is missing !



Photo by Danielle Dolson on Unsplash