Time stands at still !


Shadowy silhouette
in the sun
touching the horizon
portrays lovers embrace
colluded as one.

Inseparable dreams
slowly morphing into one
creating a harmony
perfectly tuned
in the rhymes of their hearts

the sapphire sea
reflecting its colour
in the profound sky
blanketing them under self
while their lips concocting
in an enchanted kiss

Surrendering in the beauty of
twinkling stars in the emptiness
of the significant sky
the darkness descends
and shadows swallow all
of light’s trace

Reality takes a pause
the time stands at still
to the depths of their soul
where they swim
in the glory of love
the purest love, living in their heart.


Photo by Jacob Rank on Unsplash


Shining light !


I wish for the time and space
to unwind and float away.
Stepping into your mind
to read your thoughts
sweet and complex,
wanting a piece of you to remember
treasure a part of you in my heart forever
there are countless paths to travel
abounding passages to discover
having you by my side
the rising of the early sun
and the touch of the dawn
the sound of the morning crickets
and the silence of the night sky
the moments are infinite to experience
yet this endless distance
standing tall between us
forbidding the sweetest pleasure
of being together
however the darkness thrives
i’ll keep the light burning
in my heart, warm and bright
for you to always find shelter
peace and comfort
when you finally come home !


Collaborated scribbles 2 !


He just wanted her to know that, it’s not wrong for her to either feel nothing or feel like everything is falling apart, its okay if the pieces of the puzzle are just scattered. He knew how brave she is, how she always stands by what her heart says is right, and those things, little or big, made her who she is.

He couldn’t even imagine how big a fight she had been fighting constantly inside and outside, and yet he found her strength completely adorable. The way she always rose like a phoenix from nothingness, was what he admired about her. And he just couldn’t stop acknowledging every single time she did that, how much he loved her, and how that love could never be tangible, for him to express, and even if it could, it still wouldn’t be enough.

He had been reading her all through the time he had been around, and off late he found in her a longing to find again the light, yearning to gain the strength she thought she had lost in an abyss. He just wanted to hold her and let her know, that she will find that light and will again shine bright like the glowing star in the moonlit sky, living graciously and moving ahead one step at a time.

She might be in an abyss but from where he was looking, she had never been that clear before, and he had the faith that it was about time she realised that she was fierce like the fire and that fire isn’t gonna burn ever.

She knew he had been reading her, and what made her restless was that he was quietly observing her, without shredding slightest of the clue of what had been on his mind. She was oblivious of the fact that he was preparing to make her feel loved and special, sweeping her off her feet, by the magical gestures of love.

His love had always been one of a kind, never pompous, always silent, just for her to know, just for her to feel. It was always his way of making every single thing about her, just like making her his centre of gravity, just like he was the fulcrum around which her life moved. He spoke with those pair of his eyes, and no amount of words could reassure her, but that simple peek into his eyes, meant the world to her.

He knew her like the back of his hand, more than she could ever know herself, and it was always his faith in her that made her grow, and become the person she is, it was his love, that was the manure, and his heart the ground on which she grew.

He was the light she was looking for all this time, and yes, it was about time she realised that the light that she had been searching for, had always been by her side all along.


This is another attempt of a collaboration between me and the one all my poetry is dedicated to. Its just one of those days where, you feel that not everything in this world is dark and unpleasant, after all. Another piece sharing with you all, words of the one who impact my life the most !

Please feel free to check out the first collaboration like this by clicking on this link. ‘Collaborated Scribbles’


Photo by Crystal Shaw on Unsplash

Remnants !



we used to be on the same street

in the same city

at the same time

all of which is settled in the past

in the boxes of memories

we keep for each other

opening them

when the world sleeps

in the company of the night-sky

the bittersweet of emotions

is what is remnant 

reflected in the tears

flooding the pillow.

wiping the salty water

i look out the window,

trying to lessen this pain by

gazing the same stars

I know, you could too

assuring as it may sound

bringing me closer to you

yet not close enough.



Photo by Anders Ipsen on Unsplash

Home, where heart is !


You are the light that guides me home,

a home that you’ve built with love

in your heart,

a home, that belongs to me.


I’ve built a room there,

made of poetry and words,

where, when the night strucks

the starlight enters, illuminating with adoration.


the walls are painted with the lightest shade of blue

i know, that’s your favourite,

and it reminds me of your love.

the roof is the night sky,

where the moon and stars accompany us,

never leaving us alone.


And there we are, in the midst of it

lying wrapped up in the blanket of warmth

comforting each other,

where no word is spoken

where wounds of distance

are healed with the embrace of hearts,

finding the home, where we belonged all along.





Waiting !




This distance between you and I,

feels like light years apart,

yet so close,

with every passing beat of the heart.

beyond the barrier of this opaque wall,

my eyes can see you not,

and if I call your name,

you would not hear my voice.

Despite the age and day of digital, that it is

you and I, deprived of mode of interactions,

hope being a medium beyond any interceptions,

only carried us, all along, so far.

and I count my days waiting for you,

looking forward to the day

to finally see you,

while meeting you.

under this very starlit sky,

where this moon will witness,

a reunion unseen ever before.



Photo by Steve Halama on Unsplash

Alter ego !



Laying down on the ground,

in the darkest hour of night.

while the winds too are asleep,

I mourn the loss,

loss of a dream.


I gaze at the sky above me,

jewelled with twinkling stars,

bringing life to the lifeless.

And the moon,

never in solitary,

even on the days, when,

it chooses to remain concealed,

they wait for it patiently,

to re-appear,

Just so they remain,

the perfect companions.

of all times.


Its surreal,

soothing my wounded heart,

for it secretly finds the company,

of the shining light of the night sky,

shedding radiance on its darkness,

guarding it with a beautiful,

white light of hope.



Photo by Brendon Thompson on Unsplash

The conversation !


I’d take the deal,

of missing you, for a little longer,

till the time arrives,

when you’d take me away.

Until that time,

I’ll have those late night conversations,

with the moon,

talking about you,

for unlike me, he could see you,

telling me all about your;

days and nights,

& Smiles and frowns,


Knowing that we are under,

the embrace of the same sky,

and under the stars alike,

I’ll sleep peacefully.


Do you know!

holding hand friend love close (21)

What is it that I wish for, I don’t know whether you know.

Whether I wish for the stars, or those eyes which shine just right.

Do I wish for the wedding-ring embracing my finger, giving the perfect glow?

Or is it my home, that I have found in you, making all the chaos quite.

Beginning my mornings with your smile, is that what is on the list?

Or ending the day with your warmth, wrapped like we coexist.

Standing by you through the difficult times, is that what I probably want?

Or maybe it is in every possible emotion, of which I want to be a part of.


I am what I am for I know you are,

I don’t know whether you know that it is you that I wish for.