And the mind replies !



*This is the reply of the mind to the earlier conversation begun by the heart !*

You know me well
well than anyone else
probably will ever,
and so do I
I know you enough
to understand
how you function

I see you watching over me,
and I feel special,
but the world out here
is cruel, and you are sensitive
and considerate
I look out for you,
believe me I do
but in ways silent and cold.

When you speak those kind
words of comfort, I do hear you.
I want to hold you tight
and break in those soft arms
but I just can’t
I hold myself back,
fearing to hurt you in ways
difficult to comprehend.

When I am stuck with
constant thinking, unable to
realise your pain
I know that you still stand by me,
just to make sure,
whenever I need, you are there
with the sound of that
comforting heartbeat.

I feel the tears, when they roll down
the pain you feel, I sense that too
I know you want me to say something,
but I don’t.
I rather take your hands in mine
to make you feel,
that you are never alone.

Your eyes begin to well up
and you just break right in my arms.
I just want you to feel better,
the way you make me do.
I see all the layers of
pain, agony and discomfort
you carry behind those eyes
unfathomable and profound.

This is the moment we share,
a moment of silence
it speaks volumes,
for I might be a strong brain
and you might be a weak heart
but none can function
if the other is not there
to support and hold.




Disappear !


Disappearing into thin air
feels just about right
wanting a chance to eat
warm bread just out of the oven
and drinking the warmest cup
of my comfort coffee
and just melt away in the embrace
of the stars and the sky grey

to fly and reach the land of my dream
in the womb of care and warmth
love and understanding
where just by the look of an eye
all the pain just melts away
where words are not spoken
but emotions are valued.

to run away from all the drama
and half broken feelings
to not correct others for their
non existant flaws
that are really of my own
personal balled up feelings.

I just want to disappear
from the ocean of my held back tears
from this fake shield of fearlessness
and multitudes of plastic smiles
where insecurities and reality
are seen and appreciated
with the naked eye and naked heart.

Yes, I just want to disappear
disappearing in the thin air
seems just about right


Photo by eberhard grossgasteiger on Unsplash

Welled !

Millions of pieces of severed heartin the aftermath of several heartbreaksdelicately carried underthis moonlit skyblanketed under beautifully crafted deceitful smilescarrying an ocean of painin those dew droppedeyes .jpg

Millions of pieces of severed heart
in the aftermath of several heartbreaks
delicately carried under
this moonlit sky
blanketed under beautifully crafted
deceitful smiles
carrying an ocean of pain
in those dew dropped
eyes welled with unshed tears


Camouflage !





When the droplet of rain
fell, touching her face
imitating her tears making a way
through her eyes,
it hid the pain,
and all her fears.

It canceled out the melancholy sung
by her heart,of missing him
by its sound of hitting ground.

It concealed her feeling blue
for him not being around
with the sight of flowers blooming

It camouflaged what she wanted no one to see
it masked her, who really was she !



Stolen moments !



The moments spent with you, 

had been nothing short of undeniable truth,

Extreme emotions rushing through the blood,

those were the moments of pure pleasure,

also, moments of pure pain,

there were times when there was hurt beyond measures,

sleepless nights, with endless tears soaking the pillow

yet there were moments with you,

of love beyond treasure,

smiles reaching the eyes, 

testimony of real happiness.

The moments spent with each other,

we’ve shared together, all these years,

from the tiffs to the reconciling,

growing together, in those stolen moments

creating the love, that’s is purely honest

the love, that is meant to sustain,

for the years to come, eternally.



Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash

Remnants !



we used to be on the same street

in the same city

at the same time

all of which is settled in the past

in the boxes of memories

we keep for each other

opening them

when the world sleeps

in the company of the night-sky

the bittersweet of emotions

is what is remnant 

reflected in the tears

flooding the pillow.

wiping the salty water

i look out the window,

trying to lessen this pain by

gazing the same stars

I know, you could too

assuring as it may sound

bringing me closer to you

yet not close enough.



Photo by Anders Ipsen on Unsplash

Alter ego !



Laying down on the ground,

in the darkest hour of night.

while the winds too are asleep,

I mourn the loss,

loss of a dream.


I gaze at the sky above me,

jewelled with twinkling stars,

bringing life to the lifeless.

And the moon,

never in solitary,

even on the days, when,

it chooses to remain concealed,

they wait for it patiently,

to re-appear,

Just so they remain,

the perfect companions.

of all times.


Its surreal,

soothing my wounded heart,

for it secretly finds the company,

of the shining light of the night sky,

shedding radiance on its darkness,

guarding it with a beautiful,

white light of hope.



Photo by Brendon Thompson on Unsplash


It’s so remarkably strange, that one stands tall, iron willed in the gravest moments of pain and adversities, difficult and unhappy times. But then, something happens; words of hope, or you read a letter someo.jpg


It’s so remarkably strange, that one stands tall, iron willed in the gravest moments of pain and adversities, difficult and unhappy times. But then, something happens; words of hope are spoken, or you read a letter someone wrote to you in happy times, or you revisit the memories of good times, or maybe meeting someone who finally understands you, or make you feel ‘not alone’. And in that moment everything collapse, the floodgates open, the disguise of iron will just disappears.

Because, its kindness and empathy, that makes the iron melt, not brutality and force


Don’t you worry!

Don't you worryFor I will be okayAs long as you areTo lift me, when I'm unable to rise.To contain my worries, in a heartbeat.When my eyes are all welled up with tears,holding me tight, l


Don’t you worry

For I will be okay

As long as you are

To lift me, when I’m unable to rise.

To contain my worries, in a heartbeat.

When my eyes are all welled up with tears,

holding me tight, letting me take all my pain out

When they swell, being all cried out,

soothing me by planting those kisses.

And when I just can’t close my eyes at night,

when sleep deceives me,

you run your fingers through my hair,

till I fall into slumber.

And so I say,

Don’t you worry

For I will be okay

As long as you are, right here,

in my heart, in my life.



The Nostalgic journey


Its not the endings that haunt,

But, it’s the path that leads to the destiny,

It’s in the memories you make while walking down that path,


Its more in the nostalgia of it ending, than the happiness of it being achieved.

For its always that journey that sticks with you.

And that journey will make you a stronger, better and efficient version of yourself.


Its about the years of your life you’ve given preparing for an exam.

Its about the time you’ve invested to get that perfect job.

Its about the patience you’ve kept to find the right one.


Its in the process you go through in your head while writing a poem or a story

Its in the pictures you paint in your mind, before bringing them down on the canvas.

Its in the symphony of the composition preceding the existence of that melodic music.


Its in all of this and more, that you fall in love with the journey and everything about it.