Mute Commute !


If there were any words
that could make it better
I would have said them
but for now if feels
silence is a crowd
and i’m its leader.
They say, they need me
but they want a mute commute;
for me to choose words
they chose for me
also the time
to speak those chosen words.

For me
For you
For them
mute is the commute
yes, mute is the commute.



Journey !


I talk to you all the time even if you can’t hear me.
I talk to you in the letters and words and phrases.
I talk to you in the sentences I scribble on the clouds,
telling you over and over again, of how much I miss you,
that for me nothing has changed.
I think about the time when we could say anything to each other
without thinking, the time when we were carefree
without letting any insecurities linger on us.
It feels like I’m in a time capsule,
where my heart has carefully preserved all the memories of you.
I don’t know, had it been easier, not having met you at all
but believe me, I wouldn’t have traded it for the world;
the time that had been mine, the time that we’ve spent together.


Humane !


Feeling trapped in this body
finding myself terribly alone
people around me,
who are supposed to be mine
I don’t understand them,
despite sharing a common language
conversations based on prejudice and judgement
bizarre and humiliating it is
to divide humans on the lines of
religion, race, sex and skin colour.
These rituals, maddening remarks and
keeping cultural scores,
suffocating it is to be a witness
to this obsession of being superior
They say it is humane, it ain’t no wrong
and I feel absurdly and insanely lonely
so I resign from being too human.


Photo by Tom Barrett on Unsplash


Epiphany !

matthew-brodeur-215031-unsplash.jpgAwake, and this time
driven by the rush of blood in my veins
raindrops are falling,
the sky is clear
Oh ! look the storms have ceased
and the hurricane settled.

The damage it caused
yet to be analysed,
may be more, may be less
but the storms have ceased
and the heart has started pumping
the blood at its normal pace

Oh ! look I see the sun
though it has not reached my window yet
it is yet to grace me with its warmth and light
but look the storms have ceased
and I will climb up
leaving this bottomless pit
till I finally see the light of the day.


Photo by Matthew Brodeur on Unsplash

A love affair !


Who was she?
just a girl in love
waiting every day for the night,
when all is quiet
for it would bring him closer to her.

He is so close, yet so far away
She would patiently wait for him
everyday, in the hope of
an eternal union;
that beautiful moment,
when she would be near him
to hold him closer to her heart.

Those one sided conversations,
would finally end,
they would speak and listen,
to the stories they had to tell each other,
and those lonely thoughts will no longer be alone
for the reverie will finally unite with her moon.


Photo by Steve Halama on Unsplash

And the mind replies !



*This is the reply of the mind to the earlier conversation begun by the heart !*

You know me well
well than anyone else
probably will ever,
and so do I
I know you enough
to understand
how you function

I see you watching over me,
and I feel special,
but the world out here
is cruel, and you are sensitive
and considerate
I look out for you,
believe me I do
but in ways silent and cold.

When you speak those kind
words of comfort, I do hear you.
I want to hold you tight
and break in those soft arms
but I just can’t
I hold myself back,
fearing to hurt you in ways
difficult to comprehend.

When I am stuck with
constant thinking, unable to
realise your pain
I know that you still stand by me,
just to make sure,
whenever I need, you are there
with the sound of that
comforting heartbeat.

I feel the tears, when they roll down
the pain you feel, I sense that too
I know you want me to say something,
but I don’t.
I rather take your hands in mine
to make you feel,
that you are never alone.

Your eyes begin to well up
and you just break right in my arms.
I just want you to feel better,
the way you make me do.
I see all the layers of
pain, agony and discomfort
you carry behind those eyes
unfathomable and profound.

This is the moment we share,
a moment of silence
it speaks volumes,
for I might be a strong brain
and you might be a weak heart
but none can function
if the other is not there
to support and hold.



And the heart speaks !




*This is a conversation the heart is trying to have with the mind.*

I have known you
ever since this story began
I thought you knew me too
but then you don’t.
To you,
I’m invisible.

I watch over you,
every single moment
trying to be sure
that you’re okay,
but then
you don’t see me.

I know you aren’t okay
so I call out on you
to give you some words
of comfort and care,
but no,
you just don’t hear me.

Whenever you’re down
succumbing lonely to the pain
I try to do everything
to take that frown away
but really,
you just don’t feel me.

I have looked for you
to hold me so many times now
that I have stopped the count
just wanting you to be happy
when tears are the only things
keeping me company.

Yet, somehow, you’re not aware
of me, the pain I carry,
the discomfort and agony I feel
I just don’t get it
how can’t you see
that behind this pain
is layers of suffering and hurt.

But again you don’t get it
cause, after all
to you, I’m nothing but
just a weak heart.