Truth !


The journey, while we travel
searching to understand
making sense of the signs
as an energy, divine and celestial
illuminating our mind,
the minds, which are sceptical at times
weary and tired of constant struggles
facing the failures and falling hard.

But perceiving the truth is the reality
recurring rocky roads, tiresome and unpleasant
is the universal placing to decode
the greener path on the other side.
Realisations, awakening and enlightenment
minds trained to acquire strength
to take along, finding the real light.



Stolen moments !



The moments spent with you, 

had been nothing short of undeniable truth,

Extreme emotions rushing through the blood,

those were the moments of pure pleasure,

also, moments of pure pain,

there were times when there was hurt beyond measures,

sleepless nights, with endless tears soaking the pillow

yet there were moments with you,

of love beyond treasure,

smiles reaching the eyes, 

testimony of real happiness.

The moments spent with each other,

we’ve shared together, all these years,

from the tiffs to the reconciling,

growing together, in those stolen moments

creating the love, that’s is purely honest

the love, that is meant to sustain,

for the years to come, eternally.



Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash

Indifference !



I’m a soul of extremes

juggling between feeling too much,

or not feeling at all

its either over-whelmed emotions

or total indifference

never an inbetween.

A world it is,

that we live in

things are many, actions are more

the dawn of realisation strikes

leaving a ray of enlightenment to your door

illuminating from within, 

that things are just things

actions are just actions

years from now, which will remain

mere memories,

cherished or bitter,

leaving for you to decide.

I choose indifference for the bitter ones

and endurance for the ones cherished

cause life is meant to live.

taking empathy, acceptance and forgiveness

as companions, eternal

adoring this journey called life

is what i call my way of living !



Photo by Brynden on Unsplash





I found you !



Even if I don’t say it out loud,

I search for you in the crowd

wherever I go.

I search for that face,

when I walk past the lane where I knew

you spent most of your days in.

I know you aren’t in there anymore,

still I look for you,

for my heart finds a sense of happiness,

in searching for your presence.

I close my eyes, taking in the air,

to smell your being,

for somehow you know,

that your fragrance never deceived me,

even if my eyes did.

I know you aren’t in there anymore,

i still do it anyway,

in pursuit of finding you.

I look for you in every face I see,

hoping that it is your eyes that I find,

giving me the solace,

But I see you no where, 

until i close my eyes,

and realise that all along

you had been with me, 

when i had been searching for you

all around, 

i finally found you,

where you were meant to be !



Photo by Nikita Kachanovsky on Unsplash



Inevitable !


There is a feeling

as much it is inevitable

it is scary,

Change, the only truth,

the only constant as they say,

Things are going to change

days will pass, and the season will change

time will pass, and people will change

so will the situations and circumstances

yet, i’m not sure whether i’m ready

the sinking feeling, the pit in the stomach

escalates one second at a time.

I’m afraid of this feeling

this feeling of something approaching

too fast for you to decipher it,

just your body signalling you, for something that’s coming,

while all you can do is, breathe and wait, helplessly

for it to either destroy the pieces of you, 

that you built ardently for years,

or  take you to  a beautiful world of happy change

where love and strength are your steady companions.



Photo by Kristina Tripkovic on Unsplash



Trance !



The songs I listen,

unlock the door,

leading to the memories,

we created together.

The lyrics draw a picture,

where a state of trance,

becomes my reality,

for I can do nothing more,

but to let my mind slowly drift away,

in a world; 

different and afar,

a world,

where you are, 

a world

where ‘we’ are !



Photo by Alessandro Sacchi on Unsplash


Outpour !

Anzac Day.jpg


In the moment,

when my fingers,

entwined with yours,

I remember,

there was a silence,

so profound,

no words were exchanged,

just the eyes met,

spoke to each others for hours,

outpouring love,

making the hearts find each other,

all over again.