Vulnerable !

Afraid of getting pricked by thorns
at the places that already hurt,
many of us are,
so we admire,
admire the rose from afar,
till the time
the heart knows for sure,
holding the rose,
won’t make it wither,
and only then is crossed
the ocean of vulnerability,


Photo by Simo Ziani on Unsplash

Satellite wish !

Ever wondered the wish of the moon?
Could it ever be its wish
to relentlessly orbit around the Sun,
being a satellite,
stuck in a hopeless inertia,
believing it to be destiny
to endlessly repeat this pattern
over and over again,
allowed to meet the Sun
only when, the date and time
are in a perfect alignment.


Photo by David Dibert on Unsplash

My eccentric one !

I try to put in words
the emotions that overwhelm me
when I think about you
and our future together.
But I always put away my pen
cause my love for you
is overflowing.
If it was to me,
I’d preserve your
peculiar eccentricities
I wish the words in my letters
express my heart,
but unlike your love for me
they fail me
You are someone so real,
a rare specimen, if I may
genuine enough to contradict yourself
Loving you has made me kinder
kinder to the world,
but most importantly,
kinder to myself.
You are perfect in your imperfections,
surreal and totally intoxicating
in every sense of the words.
They say beauty is nothing but
beginning of terror,
and here I am,
terrified since the day
you touched me for the first time.

The day has arrived again, when I thank you for being born.
Happy Birthday to you ❤


Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash

Its her birthday !

I invited her to a dark place,
that’s my mind
she saw it and stayed
together we trembled,
yet stayed put.

I took her to a flowing river
of gloom and tears
she came along,
held me together and swam
deep with me, saying
all gets better in the end,
and even if it doesn’t
you’re not alone, said she

I walked her through
a bumpy track of my traumas
and happily all along
she walked by me
every single step of the way
telling me, I’m beyond my traumas
and helped me
built the lost confidence
piece by piece

I never had to, nor I will
ever have to ask her to stay
because I know she always will
for in this world of
materialistic happiness,
and manipulative relationships,
I have her, who stayed with me
at my darkest.

On your birthday,
my dearest and the only one
who I will call mindlessly at 4 am,
I want to thank you for
making me believe in light
when all I could see was darkness
Thank you for your existence.
Thank you, my dearest one
for being you !

Happy birthday, I’d always wish the best in the world for you ! ❤

Photo by Kinga Cichewicz on Unsplash


Unheard !

Born with love, we all are
love, that wilts away, gradually
one heartbreak at a time.

Sometimes you seek validation,
other times all you need
is two cents of affection.

Once upon a time it was,
my soul became inadequate
and silently, without glory
I was left unheard


Pondering of mind !

A sentence so worded
to elicit information,
yes, this one is about
Those questions that we all have
those, that haunt us at night and,
make insomnia a friend dear.
Seeking for answers to those
questions, we all are,
trying to make whole
the pieces of a jigsaw puzzle.
Some are found in a jiffy,
while, others take years to decipher,
and sometimes even then
they seem far too isolated.
And then there are those
for which there are no answers.

Does that mean though,
that they were lost somewhere
in this enormous universe?
Well, Sometimes, you are better off without them,
may be, just may be
you are not ready for them,
as yet,
or a possibility strikes
that the answer is right there in front
of your eyes,
But, the matter dear to the heart
might as well be, that
you do not choose to see it,
cause may be, just may be
it is something you don’t want afterall.


Photo by Ilkka Kärkkäinen on Unsplash

Tangible !


Trying to catch a feather
that is drifting away
tirelessly flying, effortlessly
a fine, light, and softest of all
a feather grey as time
carried away by the wind,
away, far away from your hold

Thinking hard, contemplating
this urge to hold on to it,
I found myself reaching to
a realization, that hits hard
this need is to hold,
hold on to something
that is tangible, and not
an idea of tangibility.


Photo by Paul Gilmore on Unsplash

Validation !


The session of the court begins
orders for those around to settle
there is one getting tried
standing on the stand
to be questioned,
so must witness this hearing
to seek the holier opinions
of the jurists sitting on the bench
wisest of all,
those who been there done that
to gain all this experience
being the judge of right and wrong
while they read the ratio
going into the intricate
principles of how an action
wasn’t right,
to tell how one should be
what to say under duress
attest the worth of the one
on stand to be accepted
in the world of this civilization
with a stamp which says
approved by the court of validation
and then finally the ratio says
the one on the stand, found guilty
guilty of having a voice, an identity
and so sentenced to a lifetime
to conform to the standards
set by the society,
to maintain the status-quo.
Oh ! but says the one on the stand
look deep, your honour there be a mistake
in the interpretation of the
holy law, by which we all are bound
There is no way, no other path
says the jury
conform, or else you will be
judged by the higher power,
the public, the democracy
and then, my dear
imprisonment for life
in the cell of dismay
will only become your reality.


Photo by Wesley Tingey on Unsplash

Stardust !


The desire held
closely in the heart
not just be given
only for destiny
it is to decide,
for the unattached
to be realized,
and only by
setting it free
what is attached
can be integrated.

The cocoon opens
for realization
of the butterfly
to flutter its wings
bathing it is
there in the moonlight
dusted with the
finesse of the stardust
altering its glow.


Photo by Tony Dearwester on Unsplash