Hollow !


The moon has taken its leave from the sky
nor could the stars be seen to accompany
The pitch dark night is draped in the black,
a deafening silence
a thumping heartbeat
and a hollow soul,
where a memory cherished
turned into a breathless shadow



Witness !


I put forward a step
reaching out to the setting sun
taking your hand in mine
with stars shining in my eyes
lighting up the sky

the rhythm of the twinkling stars
syncing to the tune of our breath
as we draw close to each other
swaying to the perfect melody
of the waves touching our feet

Nameless winds brings close
sagas of universe
unfolding in our arms
while I look at your face
keeping that smile deep in my heart

I wonder, what day it is?
an old one or new
or just a day reborn
to witness the unison
of our souls

It isn’t yesterday
nor it is tomorrow
its just today
where we are born
while the sun is witnessing
the tapestries of our
silent promises, we made.

standing with you
at the edge of this sunset
tethered with hope
searing through the darkness
here I am
just so I can hear your heart
that beats with my own.


Vintage !


marta-pawlik-14356-unsplashSometimes when you meet someone, you fall in love not only with them but also with the relationships and bonds they share with those around. This is one such wish for my special someone’s most important friendship on his birthday !
Happy birthday ! 🙂

Birthdays come once a year
but they give you reasons to share,
you are down the path of becoming vintage
Scribbling down some words for you
just to let you know,
though I have not met you,
but it feels I already know you,
we have a common thread
and that’s where is the mental connect.
There had been words exchanged
about you, so often that
its evident, how special you are
Though you may not hear that
in the same exact words ever
but then you will always be the first one
and that says a lot.
For me friendship is a bond that you two share
that has taught me the meaning of it.
They say, that friendship is a miracle
that dwells in the heart.
and I see that miracle, every time
I hear about you two
So here’s to growing vintage
and cheers to you for being who you are.
Until we meet, sending these wishes
wrapped with happiness and smiles
Happy Birthday !
Wishing you dreams, to guide your path
health to keep your soul happy always
and happiness to see that smile
on your face always !



If only !


well love for you was in measurement
while love for me was exorbitant
I love you, when I would say
you’d ask me one question
how much?
I failed to answer you then,
but since then,
those answers came down to me
every night
knocking on my window.
and this is what I would have said to you

I would have blanketed the whole world
in sheer darkness
and then would have taken all the stars
together, just for you to see
so you would understand getting overwhelmed
with all the brightness of light.

I would have asked you to count one by one every beat
of every heart that has beaten the number of times
since the existence of living world

And while undergoing this admission
I would have looked into your eyes
and told you,
if only you’d let me
I would have loved you this much
and more, if that would be possible.



Sunset !


The sun began to set
the winds ceased to blow
and the birds in a unison
were singing a song
for me to go home.
Our paths are covered in
broken twigs, and fallen leaves
where the purple flowers used to be.
I did follow our footprints
back to the long road
from where we came together,
only now, this time,
I was walking back alone.


Photo by Kilyan Sockalingum on Unsplash


Devastation !


And finally that fine night
surrounded by her loneliness
it dawned upon her
that the clearest of day
could end up in dust storms,
thunder and lightning,
yes, the clearest of day
could just end into
pure devastation.


Mute Commute !


If there were any words
that could make it better
I would have said them
but for now if feels
silence is a crowd
and i’m its leader.
They say, they need me
but they want a mute commute;
for me to choose words
they chose for me
also the time
to speak those chosen words.

For me
For you
For them
mute is the commute
yes, mute is the commute.


Journey !


I talk to you all the time even if you can’t hear me.
I talk to you in the letters and words and phrases.
I talk to you in the sentences I scribble on the clouds,
telling you over and over again, of how much I miss you,
that for me nothing has changed.
I think about the time when we could say anything to each other
without thinking, the time when we were carefree
without letting any insecurities linger on us.
It feels like I’m in a time capsule,
where my heart has carefully preserved all the memories of you.
I don’t know, had it been easier, not having met you at all
but believe me, I wouldn’t have traded it for the world;
the time that had been mine, the time that we’ve spent together.