Here and beyond !


I don't carefor what is therein this life or beyond,I'm content, always.In your presenceare spent my days,and nights.And when you are not,the thought of you,keeps me alive, and sane.As in life, in death tooLay.jpg

I don’t care

for what is there,

in this life or beyond,

I’m content, always.

In your presence,

are spent my days,

and nights.

And when you are not,

the thought of you,

keeps me alive, and sane.

As in life, in death too,

Lay by my side,

honouring me to wake, and

sleep next to you.

Always, till my breathes complete.


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Turmoil !


Mind, never at rest, millions of thoughts

conflicting and eager,

knocking the door, needing the answers.

answers to the questions,

the heart is too afraid to ask.

Its a cyclone, crashing the window,

only for the whirlwind to break-in

bringing chaos, and turmoil

elevating as approaching nearer

with every step,

turning anxiety into rage.

All the failures, lined up,

in a perfect pattern, giving a nice view.

Its a want of determination,

or need, who knows?

questions and only questions,

just the one-sided, and pained,

I can’t let go, or should I? or must I?

As many ways to frame, as many questions,

Could still they ever be right?

The answers lie far on the bare horizon,

tired, I’m walking, towards it

to put an end

to this turmoil and pain.

Will I make it,

is another question

I ask while I walk towards,

a question, whose answer

only time retains the power to tell !


Photo by Henry Be on Unsplash


Solitary !



The clock on my wall

ticking, at its pace

yet it seems, its racing 

as if determined, not to lose.

The time, it feels is running.

Sitting in the dark, with thoughts wandering

here I am, with my pen in hand

expressionless, just with words scattered

randomly, on the paper.

The darkness around sometimes,

making loneliness tangible

forcing you, push everything away,

before it strips you off,

and in that moment, what you create is

‘your own solitary space.’



A virtue less found !


We're all people.We're all equal.

Saying right things is a virtue. Isn’t it? The society I live in, entrenched with patriarchy, forgets women were born to compliment men, than to be a half of a full. I’m raged and infuriated anytime I’m told that I’m strong for a woman, or I do great for a woman, or even better a compliment that I’m heartless for a woman. And the worse is, women become enemies of each other in the process. Beginning from the childhood, its more likely for a girl to be told to not to speak up against injustices, by another woman rather a man in order to protect her own dignity. Strange isn’t it? What dignity are we talking about? What world are we living in?

No, I ain’t no feminist. Yes, I know it really is a buzz word. But, I would rather like to call myself as an egalitarianist. Yes, I…

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Just stay !


We put up hopes hanging in our hearts,

cause there’s faith working its magic.

Why let, anyone take those magic beans away.

Don’t let the moon say you goodbye, not just yet,

and the Sun forbidding you with an enchanting hello.

Oh ! its too soon,

Don’t let yesterday fall on you, and never letting

the tomorrow to grace you with new beginnings.

Oh ! don’t close that door, not just yet !

Close your weary eyes, if you must,

but only because you need to rejuvenate,

for a while,  only to wake up in the morning

with a fresh vibe.

Don’t let that breath of yours to fade too soon,

just shine, with love in your heart,

life’s too precious to give up so soon,

to give up ever.

with every blow, get up, keep that faith,

and just stay,

for no pain is ever too deep to heal,

by the tender touch of love, and compassion,

so just stay, cause there will be the sun shining

its brightest, after this dark cloud of storm passes,

and when it does,

our love will be enough to heal our world !


Photo by Aziz Acharki on Unsplash


The room I called my home !



My room, the place where I’ve spent most of my time

The walls are painted in my colour, but they talk only about you.

The roof has provided me with protection, yet it signify your being.

The books in the book shelf speaks of my interests, but the diary cries out your name.

The shade of the aroma-diffuser is mine, but the fragrance of jasmine is a constant reminder of your presence.

The corner near the window is my favourite spot, because I’ve talked with you for hours sitting there.

The very air of this room is filled with your memories; memories we’ve made talking, fighting, making up, loving, and irritating each other.

The last time I was in there, I told you about the nostalgia hitting me already of ending of one phase, even though I was excited about the new phase which I thought was beginning.

Little did…

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The Nostalgic journey


davide-pietralunga-567634-unsplashIts not the endings that haunt,

But, it’s the path that leads to the destiny,

It’s in the memories you make while walking down that path,

Its more in the nostalgia of it ending, than the happiness of it being achieved.

For its always that journey that sticks with you.

And that journey will make you a stronger, better and efficient version of yourself.

Its about the years of your life you’ve given preparing for an exam.

Its about the time you’ve invested to get that perfect job.

Its about the patience you’ve kept to find the right one.

Its in the process you go through in your head while writing a poem or a story

Its in the pictures you paint in your mind, before bringing them down on the canvas.

Its in the symphony of the composition preceding the existence of that melodic music.

Its in all of…

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Longing !


The sky blanketed with clouds silver,

wild-flowers sprouting in the crevices

the rain drops, falling on the ground

the fragrance of wet mud

making every inch of my being nostalgic

with memories of you

wearing that red plaid shirt,

rushing back to me,

when you walked towards me,

carrying that rose,

while I watched you from across the street

with that thrilling expression in my eyes,

and as you approached nearer, 

my heart-beat kept rising 

and the blood kept flushing my cheeks,

and in that moment I knew,

you will be the one, I’d never let go,

this will be the moment, I’d never let go.


Photo by Goran Ivos on Unsplash


I’d take this moment to thank syncwithdeep for thinking about me, for this challenge, I really had an amazing time writing this one, this being my first attempt at any prompt. Thank you so much once again for the challenge

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Our home!


final 1 (2).jpg

Those genuine smiles,

That happiness filled laughter,

All I want is to make a home together,

of dreams, hopes and love,

In which together we live.

A home;

where the walls are painted of our love

the floors speaks of our strength and patience

the roof reflects the shield of protection that you’ve build around me

whose aroma is filled of jasmine and roses

where no pain, no agony stays

Just the music of togetherness plays.

A home of dreams, hopes and love,

In which, together we live.


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The colour of love !


He is the colour of sunshine

illuminating the darkness,

wherever he sets his foot.

the colour shining in his dazzling eyes

a reflection, of his heart.


that contagious laughter,

just like the colour of tulips blooming,

spreading freshness, and love

cheering my soul,

transiting in a pure state of affection.


his touch 

like the beautiful hues of pink

making my heart skip a beat

dripping the fragrance

of jasmine.


his kiss,

warm on my skin,

golden, just like the colour of honey

sweet and blissful,


The colour of his love

is my favourite, white

pure and pious

oblivious to betrayal and deceit

clear and giving.


The colour formed after mixing hundreds,

yet, never loosing its essence,

that’s what is the colour of his love

millions in one, yet one in a million !