December & June !


inna-lesyk-191832-unsplash.jpgDecember and June
fell in love with each other
the feeling was ecstatic
just like the warmth of the sun
on that cold December morning
but also soothing the heart
like the cool waters of the ocean
on that fine day of June.

Today is that day of December,
when you were born
today is the day God
gave me the best gift of my life
So here is one thing, to tell you.

I didn’t fall in love with you
I walked consciously into love with you
with my eyes open
giving every bit of my heart to you
choosing to take every step bit by bit
along the way holding your hand.
I believe in faith, I believe in destiny
but then, i also believe that we are fated
only to do things we consciously choose to do.
So, I choose this fine day of December to tell…

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A promise !


Tomorrow morning if you wake up
To find there’s no sun in the sky
I’ll be there to bring you the light and warmth.

If in the dark, we loose sight of love, I’ll hold your hand and together we will walk through to find the path that leads us to our unison.

I will be there always to listen to you when you want to speak your mind, and I will be there right beside you in the times when quiet is what you want to be.

I will be there when the smiles and laughter turns into gloom and melancholy.
Through thick and the thin, and all the bumps and highs on the road, I will be there holding you tight to welcome the beautiful adventures of life to experience one and all together with you.

If tomorrow when you wake up and the future looks misty, don’t worry I will be there asking you all the questions, figuring out together the answers that will clear the weather.

Today, the most awaited day of the year has come, today is the day that you came into this world. It is the day most special to me.
Today is your birthday, and today will I say few words that comes straight from my heart !

I can’t promise you that there will be no dark clouds that will hover us tomorrow,
Nor can I promise that it will be rainbows that will be lying before our lives always !

I can’t promise you that the future will be perfect or life will always be a cakewalk.

But, today I promise you
My everlasting devotion, my loyalty and my unending love for you for this lifetime and many more to come.

I promise you that I will sit with you through any crisis,
Pray with you, dream with you, build with you together the life we both have imagined for, of love laughter and happiness !

I promise you I will be your protector, admirer, adviser, your friend, family and everything.

I promise you that I will be loving you for a lifetime with a heart that is full of love for you !

Happy birthday my sunshine !!❤️


Careless stroller !


Every sunset has a new sunrise
every morning I wake up
to an unpleasant reality
the pain as purple
as lavender crushed
in the streets where fallen
under the steps as lackadaisical
of strollers walking.

The beauty is in the eyes, they say
perhaps its proportionate
to the depth of the heart break
the deeper the cut
the farther gets the allure
for it gets spilled out
from the ocean of eye
when ache gets too much to behold !


Corroded !


The darkness is me,
drives me closer to the
brightness I find in you
Feeling perhaps one day
I will make it to the place
where I feel everything is okay
Your smile tugs and soothes
my corroded heart

The sweetness of your being
completes me, despite my deficiencies
It just seems like yesterday
I slept slowly, in your embrace
where all the tiredness vanished.
Those lines on your collar
just taste perfect, and I’m just fine
cause I don’t want to overstep those lines

So tell me,
tell me what to say
before we fall in this pitfall of emotional grasps
from where there gets no escape.
So tell me,
tell me you have the right tools
to sync the time and destiny together
to make our fates meet like they never could before.
because the last thing that I want to feel is this way
that one of us will change, cause we both know we won’t.

I can’t help but to get these butterflies when I see you,
the butterflies feel like they are eating me from inside
And so what, if it isn’t real.
I’m like a frighten child, standing before a storm
I long for a hand, and hope that it would be yours
I’ve been dreaming of the day,
and the fear of its existence kills me,

The day when one of us realize
we are nothing more than two people from the past
where perhaps I’m not meant to last
and perhaps you are
And that’s why we are so far apart.


Fragility !


Like a glass
with a broken body
heart chipping away
piece by piece
with the days eventful.
Done and dusted through
cracked, damaged and flawed
the adjectives that suit.
Hurting, trying to fix things
bleeding, trying to hold together
the million pieces 
just waiting to break through
the behold and fall down.
What’s left?
one gentle touch,
just to make sure everything is good
oh yes, it took just one gentle touch
to shatter what little was left
into pieces, without knowing !


Detachment !


surreal, it is.
Isn’t it?
when something
unrealistically beautiful
captures your soul
It stays just enough
for addiction to kick in
and then, just when
surrendering becomes inevitable
it happens,
you know it in your heart
any amount of dwelling
wouldn’t be realistic,
you know it,
that it is the dark side of the moon
where there is cold, dark and no heat
cause there’s no sun.
Yet, you dwell
just a little bit,
just for some more time.
and you dwell,
yes, just for a little bit more…..


Misunderstood melody !


I’m close, close to where I’m supposed to be
close, to the place I call mine,
close, to the person who is my home.
finally, oh finally, I’m home.
after this endless era of longing.

I’m protected, cherished and loved
yet insecure, chaotic and misunderstood.
trapped between the lyrics of a lost melody
the meaning of which is vivid,
the words however seems to have faded.


Hollow !


The moon has taken its leave from the sky
nor could the stars be seen to accompany
The pitch dark night is draped in the black,
a deafening silence
a thumping heartbeat
and a hollow soul,
where a memory cherished
turned into a breathless shadow


Witness !


I put forward a step
reaching out to the setting sun
taking your hand in mine
with stars shining in my eyes
lighting up the sky

the rhythm of the twinkling stars
syncing to the tune of our breath
as we draw close to each other
swaying to the perfect melody
of the waves touching our feet

Nameless winds brings close
sagas of universe
unfolding in our arms
while I look at your face
keeping that smile deep in my heart

I wonder, what day it is?
an old one or new
or just a day reborn
to witness the unison
of our souls

It isn’t yesterday
nor it is tomorrow
its just today
where we are born
while the sun is witnessing
the tapestries of our
silent promises, we made.

standing with you
at the edge of this sunset
tethered with hope
searing through the darkness
here I am
just so I can hear your heart
that beats with my own.


Vintage !


marta-pawlik-14356-unsplashSometimes when you meet someone, you fall in love not only with them but also with the relationships and bonds they share with those around. This is one such wish for my special someone’s most important friendship on his birthday !
Happy birthday ! 🙂

Birthdays come once a year
but they give you reasons to share,
you are down the path of becoming vintage
Scribbling down some words for you
just to let you know,
though I have not met you,
but it feels I already know you,
we have a common thread
and that’s where is the mental connect.
There had been words exchanged
about you, so often that
its evident, how special you are
Though you may not hear that
in the same exact words ever
but then you will always be the first one
and that says a lot.
For me friendship is a bond that you two share
that has taught me the meaning of it.
They say, that friendship is a miracle
that dwells in the heart.
and I see that miracle, every time
I hear about you two
So here’s to growing vintage
and cheers to you for being who you are.
Until we meet, sending these wishes
wrapped with happiness and smiles
Happy Birthday !
Wishing you dreams, to guide your path
health to keep your soul happy always
and happiness to see that smile
on your face always !