Epiphany !

matthew-brodeur-215031-unsplash.jpgAwake, and this time
driven by the rush of blood in my veins
raindrops are falling,
the sky is clear
Oh ! look the storms have ceased
and the hurricane settled.

The damage it caused
yet to be analysed,
may be more, may be less
but the storms have ceased
and the heart has started pumping
the blood at its normal pace

Oh ! look I see the sun
though it has not reached my window yet
it is yet to grace me with its warmth and light
but look the storms have ceased
and I will climb up
leaving this bottomless pit
till I finally see the light of the day.


Photo by Matthew Brodeur on Unsplash


Lonely thought !


At the bottom of the pyramid
is where I lay
as I watch the sun go down
the horizon
and just like that
another lonely day of my lonely
being passes.

I lay awake in the company of
this unending sky and the million stars
staring at the moon, lonely as it is
despite surrounded by all the beauty
yet darkness is what

In these moments where my eyes witness this
my mind struggles with the thought that
if only I could capture your heart
may be then, just may be
you’d stay and we’d never would part ways.

Photo by Gabriele Motter on Unsplash


Being fine !


She said she was fine
the sentence that had become
a default setting in her brain
letting her oblivious to reality

but no one is really fine
in the dark
speaking to the voices
in their head
fighting the demons
haunting them
all on their own
and crying to themselves
all through the night,
getting ready to face the light,

no one is fine in the light
with only themselves in sight.


Photo by Thought Catalog on Unsplash

A visit !

it visited me again tonight
slowly creeping in
making way 
to amplify
the darkest hole in my heart
enlarging that never filling void.
the loneliness it is
entering uninvited
in those hours
when the night sleeps
and the sound of crickets
is the only comfort
it grows, with days passing
and nights coming
and with every passing night
i’m a day further away
from everything, from everyone

Mystery !

Strange are the ways of life
takes you on a road strange
where you pave the way, you can’t see
carving out your path 
as much with petals of rose
as much with thorns,
where comes a point, 
pretending as if not feeling the pricks of fear
becomes the only choice
you feed your brain with
as if that burning fire inside your chest
is not killing you in those profound ways
even when the smoke begins to choke you
you just keep on walking through this heaviness
even when the alley ahead is clouded with fog
and the vision is anything but clear
you are expected to see the dazzle in it
as if you are standing strong as a concrete wall
when inside you are falling into pieces 
just like a deck of cards

Shining light !


I wish for the time and space
to unwind and float away.
Stepping into your mind
to read your thoughts
sweet and complex,
wanting a piece of you to remember
treasure a part of you in my heart forever
there are countless paths to travel
abounding passages to discover
having you by my side
the rising of the early sun
and the touch of the dawn
the sound of the morning crickets
and the silence of the night sky
the moments are infinite to experience
yet this endless distance
standing tall between us
forbidding the sweetest pleasure
of being together
however the darkness thrives
i’ll keep the light burning
in my heart, warm and bright
for you to always find shelter
peace and comfort
when you finally come home !


Anticipated !


The mind strays uncontrollably
in haste, flowing with the turmoil
things fall apart, the hell break loose
despite the pleading, its the darkness,
stubborn and persistent,
decides, just to stay
for as long as,
gloom becomes the only way.
Feelings foreign begin pricking
own is the heart
yet, begins betraying
for the millions of questions
alien and mysterious, transpiring
answers to which flow
in a different galaxy.
The blame is on the heart
for its inadequacy.
and just in time
a feeling surface,
the lies unfold
the control is lost
nor the mind, nor heart
no longer can
control, manipulate or stop
the coming of the storm


Photo by Gaurav Joshi on Unsplash

Re-birth !


The art of inventing the strength
to welcome the life she fancy, with grandeur.
ways she choose, paths she traverse
frowned upon by many, yet the life is hers to be

Confusion and delusion,
insecurity and all the battles
fighting she is, with all her might,
no place left for second guessing the beliefs;
the beliefs, she holds, dear to heart.

The fierce is the fire
burning bright, to vanquish darkness,
following the rules made by her own
in search of the true truth,
making a life for her own.

Transcending out of guilelessness
she grew, while travelling
in those moments of voyage
travelled she a lifetime, mentally.
and today she blooms,
for it is the beginning of an unending end.

for the world is lost in its labels,
disabled and oblivious to what they’ve become
in the name of honour and dignity,
where ironical are the actions,
disgraceful and horrendous.

So she proceeds in the direction ahead,
unbound from the labels; right or wrong
accepting the ways strange and different
but once she gears, takes a flight high.
making the soul reappear, from a long slumber.

Taking the hold of the destiny
unpinning the roadblocks,
retrieving what she seeks
in anything but grief,
there she rises high, once again
like a phoenix.


Valiant journey !


Oh! So I wish !
for this wind to be my wing
to carry me, to your heart
for the waves in the ocean
to drift me to the shore,
where we are destined to meet.

you knocked on the door of my heart
confident with so much of love to give
my longing heart was touched
with a soothing balm of your affection
Bravery was your armour,
and love your shield,
protecting me,
from the darkness concealed.

Patience is our virtue
and fortitude our strength,
the journey which began
with two strangers walking on different paths
will turn into becoming the better-halves
sharing not just the paths,
but the walk of their lives, for them
to remember till the eternal end !


Relapse !


As each day passed, she started to feel again,

the same sinking feeling,

as if loosing a part of her, with every passing moment,

falling into the abyss,

where darkness is the only comfort,

once again consuming her,

taking her into its grasp, ever so tight

the body takes in the pain of decaying,

the mind feeling nothing but tiredness,

the heart ceased to act, just numbness prevails.

And scared, she wonders standing

in the deepest corner of this void

about the odds of recovering this time,

from this unfathomable den of darkness