Time stands at still !


Shadowy silhouette
in the sun
touching the horizon
portrays lovers embrace
colluded as one.

Inseparable dreams
slowly morphing into one
creating a harmony
perfectly tuned
in the rhymes of their hearts

the sapphire sea
reflecting its colour
in the profound sky
blanketing them under self
while their lips concocting
in an enchanted kiss

Surrendering in the beauty of
twinkling stars in the emptiness
of the significant sky
the darkness descends
and shadows swallow all
of light’s trace

Reality takes a pause
the time stands at still
to the depths of their soul
where they swim
in the glory of love
the purest love, living in their heart.


Photo by Jacob Rank on Unsplash


Solemn Stillness !



Life has brought me to a point
where there is stillness in my eyes
I love this calm in them,
they don’t wander anymore
searching for something finite
choosing or not,
the little or big troubles

There is this void
which I have come to love
there is a silence in it
that I cherish.
It sings to me, taking me
into a world of peaceful stillness
bringing in front of me
places and times
beyond this dimension
away from all the chaos and chatter

There is a nothingness in my heart
which I have come to adorn
putting me into a blissful journey
of contentment and calm
Its as if I want it,
yet its nothing, that I want.

There is harmony that I feel withing
pulling the strings of my heart
to bring out a melody of my being
a harmony, that’s born out of chaos
synchronizing into beautiful notes
of calm and blissful song.

I embrace now that exists in nothing
where this universe already leads me to everything.



Photo by Özgür Akman on Unsplash

Disappear !


Disappearing into thin air
feels just about right
wanting a chance to eat
warm bread just out of the oven
and drinking the warmest cup
of my comfort coffee
and just melt away in the embrace
of the stars and the sky grey

to fly and reach the land of my dream
in the womb of care and warmth
love and understanding
where just by the look of an eye
all the pain just melts away
where words are not spoken
but emotions are valued.

to run away from all the drama
and half broken feelings
to not correct others for their
non existant flaws
that are really of my own
personal balled up feelings.

I just want to disappear
from the ocean of my held back tears
from this fake shield of fearlessness
and multitudes of plastic smiles
where insecurities and reality
are seen and appreciated
with the naked eye and naked heart.

Yes, I just want to disappear
disappearing in the thin air
seems just about right


Photo by eberhard grossgasteiger on Unsplash

Bridge !


The evening sun
shadowed by the captivated bird
slowly setting across the ocean
which the buoyant river
dreaming to finally meet

Oh! the bridge
that we climbed together many times
witnessing the waves flowing
and also the calm of the ocean
tiny twinkles of conversation
and also the sweet silence

Ah! my dear
I could hear the broken bird call
that once was wild and upbeat
which the years turned into echo
pale and clueless
scared and blank
boneless is the bird’s flight
in the chill of a winter morning

The rain falls to a guilty rhythm
smearing the dust ridden ground
the sound no more is music
the odour not a petrichor anymore
just pebbles embedded
haphazardly on earth
no more making a way

reflecting on you, my bird
I again walk this bridge
touching the air no one can see
smelling the fragrance around me
one step at a time
on the pebbles put across
learning again to be me


Photo by João Silveira on Unsplash

Welled !

Millions of pieces of severed heartin the aftermath of several heartbreaksdelicately carried underthis moonlit skyblanketed under beautifully crafted deceitful smilescarrying an ocean of painin those dew droppedeyes .jpg

Millions of pieces of severed heart
in the aftermath of several heartbreaks
delicately carried under
this moonlit sky
blanketed under beautifully crafted
deceitful smiles
carrying an ocean of pain
in those dew dropped
eyes welled with unshed tears


Truth !


The journey, while we travel
searching to understand
making sense of the signs
as an energy, divine and celestial
illuminating our mind,
the minds, which are sceptical at times
weary and tired of constant struggles
facing the failures and falling hard.

But perceiving the truth is the reality
recurring rocky roads, tiresome and unpleasant
is the universal placing to decode
the greener path on the other side.
Realisations, awakening and enlightenment
minds trained to acquire strength
to take along, finding the real light.


Dream !


But you know
there are many words
that I want to say to you
that will remain between
my lips, stitched,
like the water in the vast ocean
just touches the shore
gently and then recedes.

But may be in the faded light
of the faint moonlit sky
as you sleep to the sound
of peaceful night
I will whisper those words
in your ear
which you can’t hear
but may be
I will dream of you
dreaming those words.