घुटन ! / Suffocation !


वह शब्द आज इन बंद पन्नो में सिमट के रह गए,
जो कल उनके आँगन में चहका करते थे !


Those words which once chirped in his backyard
now are just rumpled carelessly in these papers !



A love affair !


Who was she?
just a girl in love
waiting every day for the night,
when all is quiet
for it would bring him closer to her.

He is so close, yet so far away
She would patiently wait for him
everyday, in the hope of
an eternal union;
that beautiful moment,
when she would be near him
to hold him closer to her heart.

Those one sided conversations,
would finally end,
they would speak and listen,
to the stories they had to tell each other,
and those lonely thoughts will no longer be alone
for the reverie will finally unite with her moon.


Photo by Steve Halama on Unsplash

And the mind replies !



*This is the reply of the mind to the earlier conversation begun by the heart !*

You know me well
well than anyone else
probably will ever,
and so do I
I know you enough
to understand
how you function

I see you watching over me,
and I feel special,
but the world out here
is cruel, and you are sensitive
and considerate
I look out for you,
believe me I do
but in ways silent and cold.

When you speak those kind
words of comfort, I do hear you.
I want to hold you tight
and break in those soft arms
but I just can’t
I hold myself back,
fearing to hurt you in ways
difficult to comprehend.

When I am stuck with
constant thinking, unable to
realise your pain
I know that you still stand by me,
just to make sure,
whenever I need, you are there
with the sound of that
comforting heartbeat.

I feel the tears, when they roll down
the pain you feel, I sense that too
I know you want me to say something,
but I don’t.
I rather take your hands in mine
to make you feel,
that you are never alone.

Your eyes begin to well up
and you just break right in my arms.
I just want you to feel better,
the way you make me do.
I see all the layers of
pain, agony and discomfort
you carry behind those eyes
unfathomable and profound.

This is the moment we share,
a moment of silence
it speaks volumes,
for I might be a strong brain
and you might be a weak heart
but none can function
if the other is not there
to support and hold.



Re-align !


The fabric of your shirt, that I held
between my fragile fingers, with eyes closed.
Suddenly a violent wave of your fragrance
rushed to my senses, bringing me to my knees
leaving me gasping for a breath of fresh air
the hole burning in my chest, the void unfilled.
You are so near, so close, yet so far
The pain in the ribs, gets unbearable
the lungs no more can take this magnitude of grief
breaking me to pieces.

Mournful sobs, leaving cracks in the bone
holes in the skin, until your hand reaches over
and gently wipes away the tears.
It gets better, much warmer and the air becomes
lighter and breathable
as you take my hands into yours.

I held you tight, tighter than ever before
burying my face in your shoulder
and letting all the pain just melt away
in that embrace, softly whispering
words- words of pain, regret, sorrow
love, and reconciliation.
Words expressing how much I missed you,
how empty have I been all along.
You nodded, you knew, cause you had felt it too
You too had been lost in the feeling of loneliness.

I let your embrace heal me, your laughter fill my heart
because with you beside me, your arms around me
all the broken pieces begins to re-align

And for the first time since that cold October evening
I felt like breathing again


Time stands at still !


Shadowy silhouette
in the sun
touching the horizon
portrays lovers embrace
colluded as one.

Inseparable dreams
slowly morphing into one
creating a harmony
perfectly tuned
in the rhymes of their hearts

the sapphire sea
reflecting its colour
in the profound sky
blanketing them under self
while their lips concocting
in an enchanted kiss

Surrendering in the beauty of
twinkling stars in the emptiness
of the significant sky
the darkness descends
and shadows swallow all
of light’s trace

Reality takes a pause
the time stands at still
to the depths of their soul
where they swim
in the glory of love
the purest love, living in their heart.


Photo by Jacob Rank on Unsplash

Solemn Stillness !



Life has brought me to a point
where there is stillness in my eyes
I love this calm in them,
they don’t wander anymore
searching for something finite
choosing or not,
the little or big troubles

There is this void
which I have come to love
there is a silence in it
that I cherish.
It sings to me, taking me
into a world of peaceful stillness
bringing in front of me
places and times
beyond this dimension
away from all the chaos and chatter

There is a nothingness in my heart
which I have come to adorn
putting me into a blissful journey
of contentment and calm
Its as if I want it,
yet its nothing, that I want.

There is harmony that I feel withing
pulling the strings of my heart
to bring out a melody of my being
a harmony, that’s born out of chaos
synchronizing into beautiful notes
of calm and blissful song.

I embrace now that exists in nothing
where this universe already leads me to everything.



Photo by Özgür Akman on Unsplash

December & June !


December and June
fell in love with each other
the feeling was ecstatic
just like the warmth of the sun
on that cold December morning
but also soothing the heart
like the cool waters of the ocean
on that fine day of June.

Today is that day of December,
when you were born
today is the day God
gave me the best gift of my life
So here is one thing, to tell you.

I didn’t fall in love with you
I walked consciously into love with you
with my eyes open
giving every bit of my heart to you
choosing to take every step bit by bit
along the way holding your hand.
I believe in faith, I believe in destiny
but then, i also believe that we are fated
only to do things we consciously choose to do.
So, I choose this fine day of December to tell you, that

I choose you
I choose you today
I choose you in a hundred lifetimes
I choose you in a hundred universes
In any version of reality or fiction
Even if you are lost
I’d find you and i’ll choose you.

Happy Birthday my sunshine,
sending wishes and love
with the only thing I have
my words !!


Sparks and glitter !


he speaks to her
in ways no one
before him had.
its as if he knows
her mind, and speaks
all of it
and that’s just why
its impossible for her
not to be immersed completely
in those words
He is strong enough
to hold every broken
piece of her
and fix them at
all the right places.
This man,
just doesn’t make her
feel complete.
He completes her.


Photo by Shea Rouda on Unsplash